Monday, January 4, 2010

It Begins

It's a good thing I'm slightly feverish right now, as I would have froze at the bus stop this morning had I not been.

The January deep freeze began this morning. Air temperature: -9. Wind chill: -24.

We have about 10 days of this subzero hell and then we will rocket back up to the mid twenties. That lasts about another 10 days and then it's February and we dive right back down again.

It happens every year. It is no surprise. I will make it through.

I feel most bad for my dog who does not get out of the house much when it's this cold. He already seems very mopey. Though he can handle a lot, it is even too cold for him.

Like everyone, I now daydream of tropical places. I read the celebrity blogs and am baffled that there are places in the world right now where someone can wear only a bikini and not turn blue.

I don't like planning an extra 15 minutes to go anywhere because you have to warm up the car. I don't like having to waddle down the street for fear of slipping and breaking my neck.

But I love my Minnesota home. As we say here: The cold gives you character. I like wearing sweaters. I like scarves.

And opening day at the Minnesota Twins new outdoor stadium is just 98 days away!

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