Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Ginger Hex And Purple Cradle

What a weekend. What a blur. I spent Friday night at home playing video games (current game is Lost Odyssey, an epic 4 disc RPG that is all consuming) and watching the big Conan O'Brien finale. He went out with class and with a speech that I think everyone should follow.

Saturday it was car maintenance morning. $185 later and our car is up to date.

Saturday night I headed over the Hexagon for a reunion show of sorts. Rank Strangers, Middlepicker, and Party of One. Each of these bands contains members of the band Grickle Grass. Grickle Grass was a band consisting of friends of mine. They were a great little band that broke up about 8 years ago. Each new band is also great. Rank Strangers have been around forever and Party of One played around a lot back in the Grickle Grass days. Party of One also treated us to their song "Skydiver". A song that has been stuck in my head for the past 8 years with no possible way of hearing it.

Also playing that night was Stars As Our Guide. I highly suggest you check them out if you can. Jason Albus (former Chop Logic member) leads the trio on acoustic guitar and vocals. Joining him are a cellist and pianist. It was such a breath of fresh air from the usual noise rock you find at bars like these.

It was a late night, which wasn't the smartest thing considering Sunday morning I had to wake up early for my volunteer shift at Rock the Cradle. I kept watch over the Family Yoga Zone. Basically making sure people took off their shoes and new what to do. I was tired, a little grumpy, and a little hungover and not really looking forward to attending an event with the possibility of 6,000 children running around. But watching those toddlers do yoga was highly amusing. I'm not a kid person, but one little tyke stole my heart. There's always one that makes me think: maybe I could do the kid thing. But then there's always one that makes me know I don't want to.

Now it's Sunday night and the Vikings are playing for a Superbowl spot. I've got the game on mute while I go through my usual Sunday night routine of updating my iPod and surfing the internet. They're losing now. I'm trying to care, but I really can't. I'm not a Football fan. But, if it was the Twins going for the World Series, I'd be all over it. So I understand the hype. And I think it's required to have this game on if you have a television.

Happy Sunday. I raise my glass of Pinot in hopes of a great week ahead.

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