Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 In Pictures, Part 1

Prairie Homes
First show of the year - Mpls Photo Center Rock N' Roll Exhibit Opening Night

Post-show shenanigans
Recording Reactor
 Puppy Love
 Zoo Animal - The Amsterdam Bar and Hall
 Juliana Hatfield - The Turf Club
 Recording Reactor
 Window Looking
Easter Dog
First Warm Days
 Sex Rays
 Tea Times
 New Album Arrives
 Gramma's Boyfriend
 Fulfilling Kickstarter
Duluth Love
 Block Parties
Press Pics

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Favorite Music Of 2015

It's December 29th and I haven't started one round up 2015 post yet. Normally I look forward to theses posts all year long. I've found myself consuming music with the idea that at the end of the year I will rank these things because making lists is fun. But, I'm finding it hard to rank music these day. Maybe it's because, as a musician, being ranked is weird. And not being ranked at all can make me a little sad. Feel forgotten. Maybe it's because I personally know a lot of people who made albums this year that I really enjoyed and it feels weird to not have them on the list because there were 10 others that maybe I listened to a little bit more. Or maybe it's because there were only two albums that I really really fell head over heels for and the rest of the rankings seem kind like kind of a random grouping of things I listened to a little more than others.

But is also too much fun to read these years later and see what has still held up and what might have changed. So all that is my favorite music of 2015.


Girlpool: Before the World Was Big
I kept hearing about this band around SXSW time. Based on the basic descriptions I was catching, I envisioned a very loud, punk, screaming group - but they are so far from that. I have nothing against the previous description. I enjoy a lot of bands with that vibe. But I just found Girlpool so simplisticly refreshing. Only an electric guitar, bass, and two vocals in wonderful harmony singing songs about swimming in Seattle and childhood. They very much remind of The Murmurs, whom I loved back in the day. The plucky, staccato guitar riffs move along with the duo vocals perfectly. Sometimes the guitars are a little out of tune, but for whatever reason, that's okay. It's all the more endearing. This is just an album that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - and it's great to sing along to. And that's all I ever ask.

Top Three Tracks: "Crowded Stranger", "Chinatown", "Cherry Picking"

Gramma's Boyfriend: PERM
Fronted by the fabulous Haley Bonar, Gramma's Boyfriend is a fun fun fun band. This album is full of danceable, new wave-esque, sometimes silly, sometimes pretty, always excellent numbers. Opener "Down in a Bucket" immediately hooks you with it's Go Team Go sports arena style guitars and synths and the rest of the album continues with hip-moving bass lines and crazy guitars. There's a lot of really great guitar stuff going on throughout. All of this is fronted by Haley's awesomely manic vocals. The band - a side project for nearly all members - claims it's not something they take seriously. Maybe this is a life lesson we should all grab hold of, because this is a great album. You can't not dance to it.

Top Three Tracks: "Little Lightening:, "Forgiven", "I Forgot!"

Erykah Badu: But You Cain't Use My Phone
Why do I always forget the greatness that is Erykah Badu? This album - or mix tape, as it's called - was released unexpectedly late December and it is just She is so cool. She might be the coolest. I've always loved her, but my album buying of hers never went past her debut Baduizm (which I LOVE) for whatever reason. But after getting this, I picked up another album of hers and she is all I want to listen to all the time now. Seriously, cool. The songs on this album all bleed into one another and mix and revolve around the topic of phones and communication and how we relate to each other. The album title comes from her song "Tyrone" which you must hear if you've never heard it. (Find it HERE).

Top Three Tracks: "Hello", "Cel U Lar Device", "Phone Down"

Rank Strangers: Lady President, Ringtones, The Box (Trilogy)
I feel I have been waiting for far too long for new Rank Strangers. I see them play all the time and they've had so many new songs for so long that I knew all the words to just from seeing them played live so often. I would always ask when to expect a new album and I was always told they were working on something...and that something turns out to be a trilogy of albums. It's oodles of Rank Strangers songs that I've loved for so long in three beautiful packages. I'm so happy to finally have these songs available to listen to when I want. And all of these other songs that they don't play live that are newly discovered. Rank Strangers make great rock music. Check'em out.

Top Three Tracks on each album:
Lady President: "The Children of the Czar", "Ivan After 5", "When the Pendulum Swings"
Ringtones: "As the World Turns", "Dust and Glue", "Destroy She Says"
The Box: "The Never Never", "King James", "The Empire of Dresses"

Joanna Newsom: Divers
Beautiful. Classical. Whimsical (though I hate to fall into that trap of describing her sound that way). Wordy. Joanna Newsom tells full epic novels in her songs, along with the occasional heart-wrentching love song, that will leave you breathless. I listen to her and I have no idea how anyone even begins to construct a song the way she does. And then there's the harp - her instrument of choice when she's not behind the piano. I watch her play the harp and listen to the sounds and it blows my mind. She is a truly gifted artist. There is no one else like her. I feel like she really is the only musician who can say that. Oddly, tho, like her previous album Have One On Me, it's her use of percussion that draws me on. It's used like a melodic instrument. Not just something to keep the beat. It feels as much a part of the song as the piano or vocal. It has feeling. It has heart. Her music is not for everyone - and I don't mean that in a snobby way. There's usually not much for hooks and her voice is one of those you either love or hate. And did I mention the harp? But once you sit with her albums and really soak them in, you can't help but fall in love.

Top Three Tracks: "Time As A Symptom", "Goose Eggs", "The Things I Say"

Wilco: Star Wars
 Another album that just sort of dropped out of the sky. Wilco released this album unexpectedly and for free. I enjoy Wilco quite a bit, but I'm not someone who runs out the second they release something to buy it. But this was free, so I got it right away. The title has nothing to do with the movie, btw. The songs all have a general sound and vibe to them. It's a rock record. but a laid-back, dad-rock kinda rock record. The fuzzed-out electric guitar that appears on nearly every track brings a cohesive-ness and coolness to the album. It's an album that I can't quite pin-point exactly why I like it so much, I just do. I guess, it's just a collection of good songs.

Top Three Tracks: "Where Do I Begin?", "The Joke Explained", "Taste the Ceiling"

Beach House: Depression Cherry
Depression Cherry was released in August and then, as was the trend this year, they released another album, Thank Your Lucky Stars, unexpectedly in October. Both are very similar albums. Beach House don't tend to stray too far from their signature sound. And that's fine. Because they are really good at it. Dreamy, ethereal, pop. This album was a constant for me when I was recovering from my surgery. It will always be tied to that time of my life. I find their music to be very soothing. You drift off in it. Grab a glass of wine and put it on.

Top Three Tracks: "Space Song", "PPP", "Wildflower"

Erica Russo: In Between Dreams
Erica Russo is such a weird artist for me. Not because of anything to do with her. Just because I never would know who she was if she didn't contact me out of nowhere and asked me to play a show with her as she traveled through Minneapolis on her tour. She's out of New York and doing well for herself, but the randomness of my connection to her is something I find interesting. I think she's fantastic. Her way with lyrics is special. I'd liken her to another favorite lyricist of mine, Anais Mitchell. She made this album completely on her own. Playing all the instruments, handling the recording. It feels very drawn from within. It's a bit eerie. It's another one that was with me a lot while I was recovering from surgery.

Top Three Tracks: "Dreamcatcher", "Barnacle", "So Tired"

Murder Shoes: Daydreaming
I hate to use the term 'local band" as that implies that they are trapped within the city they are from. And I don't think that's the case with Murder Shoes. I first heard them when our songs from our new albums were debuted on The Current's Local Show the same night. I really liked them and asked them to join me for a show some time. They ended up playing my residency at the 331 Club. If you remember that song "Sometime, Always" from the 90s - a duet between Hope Scandoval of Mazzy Star and The Jesus and Mary Chain, then you know what Murder Shoes sounds like. Fuzzed out dream pop. They also have a lot of humor in their songs, like in "Reefer and Pizza" and "Girls Named Benji". I was listening to this the other night again and wondered how this could not make my Top 10. So here it is.

Top Three Tracks: "Girls Named Benji", "So What May", "Can You Sea Me?"

Matt Latterell: Phase & Field
Beautiful album driven by complex songwriting that speaks to your soul. Matt puts it all out there when he sings and with his words, leaving nothing behind. The songs surprise you. What may at first seem to be a nice little acoustic ditty can suddenly take a turn into completely unexpected territory.

Top Three Tracks: "And I'll Never Let You Go", "Two Tornados", "Surprise Inspection"

Beirut: No No No
Another modern-day classical album. Beirut's lead singer/songwriter's main instruments are the trumpet and ukulele. So already how can I not love it? It's a bit orchestral. A bit baroque. I imagine puffy sleeves and rosy red checks and powdered wigs tip-toe dancing through a ballroom when I listen to this album. It's elegant. Another one to go with that glass of wine (or bottle).

Top Three Tracks: "So Allowed", "At Once", "August Holland"

EL VY: Return to the Moon, Strange Relations: Centrism, Blur: The Magic Whip, Mary Bue: Holy Bones, Fury Things: VHS, Katy Vernon: Present, The Juliana Hatfield Three: Whatever My Love

(not featured on the favorite albums listed above)

Belle and Sebastian: "Nobody's Empire"

Catbath: "Ta Da"

Lizzo: "BGSW"

Noel Gallagher: "Do the Damage"

EL VY: "Paul Is Alive"

Zoo Animal: "Delicate"

SOAK: "Sea Creatures"

My Morning Jacket: "Get the Point"

Beach House: "Somewhere Tonight"

Oh, yeah...also, I released an album in 2015. Reactor. Listen below.

And then I released an EP just for the fun of it. You can listen to that below, too.

Looking forward to all of the music that is coming out in 2016 - including maybe new stuff from me, too? Maybe? Hmmmm....

Saturday, December 26, 2015

331 Club 12-19-15

It was a week ago today since we played our show at the 331 Club as part of Battlerat's EP release show. Since then it's been Christmas and I cleaned the house. Christmas was lovely as usual. Matt and I spent it at his mother's house with his family. Good food. Gifts exchanged. We played a game. Robbie Dog got some fun treats. Of course, Christmas Eve was spent with the annual eating of the tacos and viewing of National Lampoon's A Christmas Vacation.

Our show at 331 Club was the first show back as a band. It wasn't quite the full band as Laura was unable to join us, but Colleen rocked it and covered all the background vocal ground on her own. It was wonderful to play with the band again. Whenever I'm feeling down about music, it just takes a practice session with these folks to bring me back up. And playing a show with them is truly fantastic.

This was a lineup I was super excited to play with. All of these bands are stellar. We opened the show and Tungsten played second. I hadn't seen them before, but I'm familiar with the folks in the band. I really enjoyed their set and hope to play with them again someday.


Next up was Battlerat. It was their EP release show. This is another band that I've definitely fallen for over the past couple of month. You should check out their new EP, Spoils, here:


Rupert Angeleyes closed out the night. They are a super fun glam rock pop band. I've seen them a couple of times before and was thrilled to share a bill with them.

Rupert Angeleyes

The place was packed nearly the entire evening. The sound was great. We debuted a new song! People seemed to be in good spirits.  It was a really fun night.

And Colleen brought homemade Oreos for the band and they were delicious!

 Set list for 331 Club 12-19-15
  • Lens
  • Running
  • The Reminder
  • Float
  • Daughter
  • Safety Mode
  • Blink (first time played with the band)
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Adore 
 Next up: Last show of the year. Colleen, Laura, and I will be opening for Katy Vernon on the last night of her December residency at The Aster Cafe in Minneapolis on December 30th. Details here:



Monday, December 14, 2015

The Dubliner Pub 11-29-15

As the end of the year approaches, I have a ton to post about so I really need to keep up with things, don't I. I mean, I've got best of lists to compile, you know?

Way back - like nearly 3 weeks ago now? - I played a show at The Dubliner Pub in St. Paul. It was a solo set and my first show back since I took my surgical leave. I was excited to get back at it and nervous.
The stage is set!

I also tried out my new amp on stage for the first time! Such a difference. Loved using it. I also got to test out a bunch of new songs.

This show was a part of the Womenfolk Radio Live series that the KFAI show of the same name hosted every Sunday in November. Originally I was offered the 3 hour set for myself, but that is a long time to stand up there alone and Sarah Morris thought the same when she was offered a set and so we split the bill.

 Sarah Morris

I first met Sarah back when I was doing open mics still. I was at one at The Aster and she was there performing and I had one of my first "real" shows coming up and needed someone to play with. I saw her and thought she was great so I asked her to join me and she did. So it was fun playing with her again after all this time.

We decided to start the 3 hour show with a shared set. We each sang one song of our own and then did two covers and sang back up for each other.

I did "A Story" as my own song and then did "Johnny B Goode" as my cover. I sang "Be My Baby" with Sarah. Then Sarah took the stage and played a 30 minute set and then I did the same. We rotated once more and then that was that. My first show back was in the books. Cobwebs: shaken off.

Set list for The Dubliner Pub 11-29-15

Set One
  • Leave
  • Reactor (slowed down version)
  • Moth (first time played!)
  • The Party 
  • Blink (first time played!)
  • Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart (Greg Brown cover)
  • Daughter
  • Letting Go
  • On Fridays

Set Two
  • Every Time We Meet (first time played!)
  • The Reminder
  • Minnesota
  •  Introvert
  • Old Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell cover)
  • Flavor
  • Safety Mode
  • Cohabitate
  • For the Time Being

I'm stepping out with the full band this Saturday, December 19th at the 331 Club for Battlerat's EP release show. We play first. Very excited. Love playing with the band. Love playing 331 Club. Love playing on the weekends. Battlerat is awesome. As other the other two bands playing: Tungsten and Rupert Angeleyes. It's gonna be a big show. Hope to see you!

Event Details: