Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Pictures, Part 2

 MN State Fair Goats.

 Impromptu house parties.

 Robbie making art.

 On the bus to The Replacements.

 Robbie ears.

 Rank Strangers shows.

Ukulele necklace.

 Happy dog on lake walks.

 New name tags.


 Hike in the woods with my two favorites.

The most perfect of fall days.

 Musicians who inspire.

 Blending in.

 New band t-shirts.

 Backyard squirrels providing entertainment.

Christmas Eve family time.

Always remember.

See you in the new year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 In Pictures, Part 1

 Superhero Robbie in his winter coat. Coldest winter ever.

 Catty Longbody hanging out.

 In the skyway attached to the hospital visiting dad.

 Vocal practice with Colleen and Laura...and Robbie.

 Miley Cyrus flying away on a giant hot dog. Because why not?

 Robbie and his Aunt Scout. They're almost exact opposites of each other.

Making records at Albatross.

 A day at the lake with my favorite little guy.

Live Letters performance. 

 Kimi and Bart at Mid West Music Fest.

My Facebook profile photo for pretty much the whole year.
 Robbie and I listening to early rough cuts of the new record.

Soccer nights.

Robbie was there, too.

Sharon Van Etten at First Avenue.

 Wedding Anniversary Weekend.

 Recording vocals.

 Godzilla clouds.

 Landspeeder basement shows.

Matt and Robbie and music at Como Park.

35th birthday girl.

Friday, December 26, 2014

My Music: 2014 Edition

It's been a year of shaking things up musically. Between recording an album and growing the band, I think it's been discovered that change is good.

The year started with a surprise show at Acadia Cafe with General B and the Wiz. Surprise, because it was a last minute thing and I wasn't planning on playing any shows in January.

Acadia Cafe.

I hooked up with #LAAB and recorded another music video that debuted in March for "A Story".

We had a set of shows at the Kitty Cat Klub, 331 Club and Palmers Bar between March and April.

 Solo set at Kitty Cat Klub.

Just me and the girls at 331 Club.

The Palmers show was my first time playing there and also my first time going completely electric for a set. It was super fun and completely flipped how I started to write again - really focusing on songs that work on electric versus acoustic. Not that I plan to abandon the acoustic entirely, but it's fun to rock out.

Going electric at Palmers.

April also brought along Mid West Music Fest, a festival in Winona, MN that brings in bands from all over the region to take over the town - playing at every venue imaginable.
Setting up at Mid West Music Fest.

We started recording the new album this year, too! Our first attempt in April was cut short due to some broken equipment. But that got fixed and we got back at it the final weekend in May. All four band members hit the studio and we laid down the basic tracks over the course of a weekend.
 Studio time.

The majority of the summer was focused on recording and so shows were light. I played a solo set at Lee's Liquor Lounge in June and the full band played a set at The Nomad in August.

We headed back to the 331 Club for a super fun show in September - and with our new drummer on board! Sara's been a great addition and I'm so happy she's playing with us.

I got to take part in Uke Fest in early October - busting out the ukulele for the first time in forever and playing some songs that haven't been played in a while ("Blue Whale") and one that has never been played live ("Walking").

And I got this super cute ukulele necklace!

The full band only played one more show in 2014 and that was at the Amsterdam Bar. And it was the FULL band as Colleen and Laura were able to join us for some songs singing back up. It's so nice to have people to sing along with and their voices really fill out these new songs.

The full band.

Speaking of the new songs, we finished recording the new album in November! It still needs to be mixed and mastered and all that, but it has been recorded. I'm so proud of it and I can't wait to share it with everyone.


2015 is looking to be a good year with the new album due to hopefully come out late Spring. Stay tuned for things to come and thank you for all of your support!