Monday, April 28, 2014

Mid West Music Fest 4/26/14

We played Mid West Music Fest this past weekend. This was our first full band road trip out of town.

Here we are!(photo by Kimi Boutwell)

Mid West Music Fest brings in bands from all over the region to Winona, MN and every bar/venue type place in town has live music. This is its 5th year and I was so happy to get in.

They had us playing at the Acoustic Cafe. I was slightly concerned because we - as a band - have drifted a bit from the acoustic singer/songwriter style that I started with. The Acoustic Cafe is a coffee shop, but they also serve beer and wine and food and they have a designated music playing area and it ended up being a lovely venue. We had a good crowd of people there. We played a bunch of new songs - I even played the electric guitar again on and off for the set.

 Photo snagged from Fathom Lane's Tweet. Might be my fave picture ever.

 Photo by Kimi Boutwell.

 Photo by Matt Becker.

Due to reasons I won't get into, I ended up missing a lot of the live music I wanted to see while we were there. I did catch some band, though, and enjoyed the ones I did. I'm hoping to make it back down there again next year and really take it all in - and hopefully perform again, too!

Mid West Music Fest Setlist 4/26/14
  • Lens
  • Where's the Fire?
  • Float
  • Blind
  • Car
  • The Reminder
  • Salt
  • The Party
  • Reactor
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Introvert
  • Adore

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