Friday, April 11, 2014

The Good Stuff

I'm trying not to dwell on how my somewhat half-assed, stay-at-home vacation is almost over. Sure I still have the weekend, but that doesn't count. Because I always have the weekend. It's the not working on the work days that count. And that's almost over.


But life has not been all bummer lately, I guess.

1. I got to go the full electric route with the band and that was so much fun.
2. I made a music video. I don't think I've talked about that here yet.

3. I did manage to write one new song during my time off. It's not the happiest of tunes by a long shot, but I did create something.

4. I took my dog to the lake on a gorgeous Wednesday in the middle of the day and then he posed for this adorable selfie with me.

5. I have officially become obsessed with PJ Harvey. She's always been a favorite. But lately, it goes beyond all the others.

6. I now like The National's most recent album, Trouble Will Find Me. I put it on when I was in a very very down mood and every single lyric hit me.
7. I picked up Series 3 of Sherlock and it is so much better the second time around. Initially I was sort of disappointed by this season, but now I love it. Highly entertaining.

8. Community has been amazing this season. Absolutely back to its fantastic form.
9. I watched seasons 1 and 2 of New Girl on Netflix and am obsessed and waiting and waiting for season 3 to be over and put up on Netflix. It's a very comforting show. I miss them.

10. My friends in the band Grickle-grass reunited for two nights only. They were an awesome band and it was so much fun to hear their songs live again after TEN YEARS! It was a bit of a high school reunion situation. Lots of faces I hadn't seen in a long time. So much fun.

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