Saturday, March 22, 2014

331 Club 3/20/14

It was the first day of Spring on Thursday. Finally. Although, the lows are back in the single digits for the next few days, so it hardly feels like it. But Thursday was 40+ degrees and sunny and I played a show to celebrate at the 331 Club - one of my very favorite venues to play.

Mary Bue opened the night. She's a fantastic singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Duluth. Really lovely voice and songs.

This was a different set-up for me as I was joined for pretty much the entire show by my friends Laura and Colleen Borgendale. They sang back up. It was just and my acoustic (and my uke). It was our first time filling a whole set with just the three of us and it was a lot of fun. Singing with others is fun. And these two harmonize so effortlessly.

Setlist for 331 Club 3/20/14
  • Minnesota
  • The Party
  • Lens
  • I Wanna Know
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Here
  • A Story
  • Letting Go
  • Blue Whale
  • Yesterday
  • Adore
  • For the Time Being
  • Cast a Spell

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