Friday, October 24, 2014

Amsterdam Bar 10-23-14

We got the whole band together last night for our last show for a while (definitely not forever).

Look at how cute we are!

I adore playing with these folks. Photo by Matthew Becker.

We played an eclectic set as we had Colleen and Laura singing back up on a few songs, and then Shawn and I doing a couple of duo songs as we are still getting everyone up to date on the full catalog.

Photo by Drew Forsberg.

Photo by Matthew Becker.

Set list for Amsterdam Bar 10-23-14
  • Lens
  • Car
  • Good to Know
  • Float
  • Blind
  • Can't Even Tell
  • Easy to Blame
  • Here
  • The Reminder
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Yesterday

We're off to finish the new album now. We'll see you soon!

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