Thursday, October 2, 2014

Recording Days 7 and 8

We are deep into vocals land in the album recording process. Most of my vocals are done and this week we brought in my friends, the fabulous singers, Colleen and Laura.

These ladies are singing all over the new album. They are sisters. They've been singing together for a long time and their voices just know how to do it. They do harmonies that blow my mind. And they do them seemingly effortlessly. It's really lovely to listen to it and I'm thrilled that they want to be a part of it.

It's a lot of work to put songs together. Sure, some come along with more ease than others. The basics of a song can take place in minutes. But when you really start to dig in and make them something special, it takes time and focus and I'm just always stunned that people want to spend their time on songs I've written. How incredibly lucky am I to be surrounded by all of these ridiculously talented people who want to create and perform music with me? It can really swell a girl's heart, you know?

We go back in a week to finish the backing vocals. After that, it's just all the little bells and whistles (not literally bells and whistles...but maybe?) and then the tracking is done. Then mixing. Then mastering. Then actually getting the physical things made.

The goal is still mid-spring...

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