Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 In Pictures, Part 1

 Superhero Robbie in his winter coat. Coldest winter ever.

 Catty Longbody hanging out.

 In the skyway attached to the hospital visiting dad.

 Vocal practice with Colleen and Laura...and Robbie.

 Miley Cyrus flying away on a giant hot dog. Because why not?

 Robbie and his Aunt Scout. They're almost exact opposites of each other.

Making records at Albatross.

 A day at the lake with my favorite little guy.

Live Letters performance. 

 Kimi and Bart at Mid West Music Fest.

My Facebook profile photo for pretty much the whole year.
 Robbie and I listening to early rough cuts of the new record.

Soccer nights.

Robbie was there, too.

Sharon Van Etten at First Avenue.

 Wedding Anniversary Weekend.

 Recording vocals.

 Godzilla clouds.

 Landspeeder basement shows.

Matt and Robbie and music at Como Park.

35th birthday girl.

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