Monday, December 14, 2015

The Dubliner Pub 11-29-15

As the end of the year approaches, I have a ton to post about so I really need to keep up with things, don't I. I mean, I've got best of lists to compile, you know?

Way back - like nearly 3 weeks ago now? - I played a show at The Dubliner Pub in St. Paul. It was a solo set and my first show back since I took my surgical leave. I was excited to get back at it and nervous.
The stage is set!

I also tried out my new amp on stage for the first time! Such a difference. Loved using it. I also got to test out a bunch of new songs.

This show was a part of the Womenfolk Radio Live series that the KFAI show of the same name hosted every Sunday in November. Originally I was offered the 3 hour set for myself, but that is a long time to stand up there alone and Sarah Morris thought the same when she was offered a set and so we split the bill.

 Sarah Morris

I first met Sarah back when I was doing open mics still. I was at one at The Aster and she was there performing and I had one of my first "real" shows coming up and needed someone to play with. I saw her and thought she was great so I asked her to join me and she did. So it was fun playing with her again after all this time.

We decided to start the 3 hour show with a shared set. We each sang one song of our own and then did two covers and sang back up for each other.

I did "A Story" as my own song and then did "Johnny B Goode" as my cover. I sang "Be My Baby" with Sarah. Then Sarah took the stage and played a 30 minute set and then I did the same. We rotated once more and then that was that. My first show back was in the books. Cobwebs: shaken off.

Set list for The Dubliner Pub 11-29-15

Set One
  • Leave
  • Reactor (slowed down version)
  • Moth (first time played!)
  • The Party 
  • Blink (first time played!)
  • Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart (Greg Brown cover)
  • Daughter
  • Letting Go
  • On Fridays

Set Two
  • Every Time We Meet (first time played!)
  • The Reminder
  • Minnesota
  •  Introvert
  • Old Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell cover)
  • Flavor
  • Safety Mode
  • Cohabitate
  • For the Time Being

I'm stepping out with the full band this Saturday, December 19th at the 331 Club for Battlerat's EP release show. We play first. Very excited. Love playing with the band. Love playing 331 Club. Love playing on the weekends. Battlerat is awesome. As other the other two bands playing: Tungsten and Rupert Angeleyes. It's gonna be a big show. Hope to see you!

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