Saturday, January 9, 2010

Game Night!

I love games. Be it board, card, or video games. Last night we ventured out into the cold and over to a friend's house for game night. We brought Bananagrams, they offered up Scene It for the Xbox.

Bananagrams is new to me. At my family's house on Christmas, my newphew's girlfriend brought Bananagrams. About 6 of us spent most of the night with our heads to our letters in complete concentration.

It's a lot like Scrabble. It basically is Scrabble with some major differences.

The game comes in a banana shaped sack. The actual game is just 144 letters with no point value on them. Depending on how many players, each person is doled out between 11 to 21 letters, face down. In the middle is the "bunch". When someone calls out "Split!", everyone flips over their letters and begin to makes their own Scrabble board. If you have a letter
you can't find a use for, you call out "dump!" and put the letter back in the bunch and take 3 more. If you use all the letters you have, you call out "peel!" and everyone grabs one letter from the bunch until there are less letters in the bunch then there are players. Once that happens and you've completed your "board" you call out "Bananas!" and, if your words are correct, you win the game. It's incredibly addicting and a lot of fun.

Scene It on the Xbox is also a fun game. Unlike the DVD version, you get to pick your own avatar and you have special controllers for buzzing in. There are more questions and you can always download more from the internet.

I'd love to come up with some crazy game night. Different games set up in different areas so people can move from one to the next. Chess in one corner, Trivial Pursuit in the next. Rock Band on the TV. Twister in the basement. I think it'd be a lot of fun.

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