Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Embracing Creativity

The creative juices have been flowing strongly these last few weeks. I've got one brand new song finished, two older songs reworked, and a bunch more just sitting in my brain waiting to come out. I have this vision of actually putting together an album. For what? I don't know. Maybe just for myself. Most likely just for myself. Just to see if I can do it.

I'll have a lot of time over the next week to play around. I'm excited to see what comes out.

I'm also mulling over the idea of going to an open mic night hosted by an old old friend of mine. One of my goals in life was to sing one of my songs on stage by the time I was 30 and, well, that ship has sailed. But it's better late than never, right? I'm not concerned with the actual singing and playing and whether or not people like it. I'm scared that I'll choke. I get horrible stage fright. What will happen is my face will turn bright red from nerves (this always happens), then I will become very self conscious about that and will start to get shaky. Then my neck will break out in hives and my mind will go blank. This is what my body does to me.

But I gotta do it, right? If I don't, I'll regret it. That much is certain.

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