Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Late To Bed, Early To Rise

Sleep has sorely been missing in my life lately. I have never been as tired as I have been these past seven days.

But what are you gonna do?

I get an extended holiday vacation starting on Thursday. 2 weeks off. Yes, I know I just came off 4 weeks of unemployment, but I think these 2 weeks will be good. I will have a beginning and definitive end to my "vacation". I think I might get some things done. What those things are, I don't know.

My first week back at work wiped me out. I was up late last Thursday for my show at the Turf Club, up late Friday night at a holiday party and then dealing with broken car windows early the next morning, up late on Saturday night out and about, and up late last night performing atAcadia. And now it's Monday night. I wanted to go out, but I think I better stay in.

And, it just so happens that the new Ani Difranco album, Which Side Are You On?, arrived in my mailbox today...one month early. Hooray for pre-orders! I'm listening now and I am highly enjoying it, though I'm only three songs in. New Ani albums are a bit of an event for me. My goodness, I hope my new album sounds at least half as good as this. I'll write up a review after I give it a few more listens.

So, yeah, I had a show at Acadia last night. Good times. I played with Rudy Pavich (who I just had a show with at the Fine Line) and Business Man. Shawn and I tried out a set with him only playing electric guitar. It worked really well. It was fun. Different. It'll be good to have that option for venues that aren't as drum friendly.

Setlist for Acadia 12/18/11
-Easy to Blame
-Can't Even Tell
-The Party
-Beg, Borrow, or Steal

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