Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favorite Songs Ever, Part 4: "Long, Long, Long" - The Beatles

The Beatles and I have had a rough going as of late. Basically, I can't stand them anymore. Every time one of their songs come on, my shoulders hunch up, my fists clench, and I just want it to stop so bad.

This is strange as I used to love The Beatles back in the day. Of course, I'm certain everyone on the planet has gone through a Beatles' phase. But did everyone also begin to hate them later in life? (Actually, I think this does happen to everyone)

I can still listen to their solo stuff...occasionally. John Lennon's "God" is a brilliant song and I don't think that feeling will ever wane. Paul has some good stuff out there.

This is why I think out of all of The Beatles' songs, the one song that I truly love and would be up there in my Favorite Songs Ever list is the George Harrison penned "Long, Long, Long". Lately I just can't get enough of it.

It may be labeled as a Beatles track, but come on, this is a George Harrison solo song through and through. As with most of the songs on The White Album, hardly any should really be considered Beatles' songs. Sure, Paul played bass and Ringo drums and John howled along in the background, but they were really just backing players on this song. I mean, is "Blackbird" really a Beatles's song or a solo McCartney song? "Julia" is certainly a John Lennon solo song.

But I digress.

"Long, Long, Long" feels ahead of its time...and not in a technical way. Just in overall feel. Honestly, it feels like a Bon Iver song. It feels like it could be the inspiration for every Bon Iver song ever. The quiet guitar intro, the big drum fills that come in and then the layered vocals. It's a beautiful, interestingly structured song. And I just love to sit and listen to it.

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