Friday, December 2, 2011

The Fine Line

I played at the Fine Line on Wednesday night. It was a big stage with a big sound and I felt a little small on it all by myself, but it still felt very cool.

I shared the stage with Tony Williams, local songwriter, old friend, and a guy who I can give a lot of credit to for me finally getting up on a stage at all. If it wasn't for the open mics he used to host, I probably would still be sitting here dreaming of singing on stage instead of two years worth of shows, almost two full albums in, a couple of EPs and a live album.


The Fine Line was kind enough to record the show for me and it turned out really well. I'm still deciding what to do with the recording. Do I release it? Should I release it? For now, this is as far as I've got:

It's really weird to hear your own live performance back. Even more so than watching a video. With video, you (or at least I) become fixated on the movements and facial expressions and the overall awkwardness I can convey. But just hearing it back is kind of cool. Like, it sounds real. Like, it could not be me. Like, wow this sounds like other live recordings I own. It makes it feel legit.

So yeah, I have that now. Maybe I'll put it up for sale. Maybe I'll just keep it to myself. Not sure yet. Actually, I'm not sure I'm allowed. I don't really have the Fine Line's permission to sell it. Do I need their permission? I paid for the disc and I own the songs. Hmmm....


Also playing that show was Rudy Pavich. I'm playing another show with him and a group called Business Man on December 18th at Acadia Cafe. Sunday night at Acadia. Sounds like good times. Love Acadia. They have awesome beer.

But first up is the Turf Club on December 15th. You should be there. Because the Turf Club is awesome. And supporting local music is important.

Setlist for the Fine Line 11/30/11
-Easy to Blame
-The Paul Simon Song
-Beg, Borrow, or Steal
-The Woods
-Cast a Spell
-Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits cover)
-Here (first time playing it solo)

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