Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amsterdam Bar and Hall Part 2

Last night I had a show at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall. It was my second time playing there and it was lots of fun.

I put the bill together, which is always a bonus because you can fill it with people you really enjoy being around and listening to. The bands that joined me on stage were The Broken Bicycles, Brynn Andre, and Fairfax, AK.

The sound guy at the Amsterdam is really great and for the first time I think ever Shawn could hear me while he played drums. I just told the guy to crank my guitar in his monitor. Maybe I need to do this all the time. Probably would have been so helpful at so many shows. Lesson learned.

For a Monday night we had a pretty good turn out. Downtown St. Paul isn't really known for its bustling nightlife, so the fact that people came to hang out and listen was really cool. The Amsterdam is also a destination place itself - just a really great venue.

One of my Broken Bicycle friends took some video of one of my new songs, "Adore". I posted it below. The few times we've had a drumset at our shows recently, we never get around to playing this song because I usually put it on the setlist last and then we run out of time - mainly because I babble too much. So last night I put it second to last and we finally got to play. So much fun to play. Enjoy!

Setlist for the Amsterdam Bar and Hall 1/30/12
- Good
- Float
- The Paul Simon Song
- Can't Even Tell
- Beg, Borrow, or Steal
- Here
- Adore
- Cohabitate

Next Up: This Friday, Feb. 3rd at the Studiopolis Black & White art show in the Northrup Kling Building in Mpls. Details on the Upcoming Shows page.

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