Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recording Day 6

After a 2 month break, I was back in the studio yesterday. Those holidays sure get in the way of things.

We started a whole new song and managed to get all of the instrumentation for it done pretty easily and it might just be the best one so far. I think I'm finally getting a hang of all this songwriting/recording stuff. 

We also added some more guitars and tried to add percussion to another track, but didn't quite get it completed. It just got late and everyone was getting tired so we decided to come back at it with fresh ears and minds another time.

I head back on the 4th by myself to try to get some vocals done. I really want to get one song completely done so I can share one with everybody. I'm really really excited about how these songs are turning out and I just want to get them out there. 

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