Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Ladies

Yesterday, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, one of my most favorite local bands, announced the release of their 4th album, Heat. This marks yet another in a long list of my favorite female musicians and female fronted bands who are due to release albums this year. Other notables:

  • Ani Difranco - This officially came out on Tuesday, but I have had it since mid-December. But, still…it counts.
  • Zoo Animal  - Another local Minneapolitan band fronted by the great Holly Newsom. You can stream the album here. I cannot wait to just zone out to this.
  • Anais Mitchell – One of the greatest folk singers of my time.
  • Regina Spektor – Her last album took me a while to really get in to. And even just as recently as this week, I started to really love two songs I never gave a chance to before. I’m curious how this one will go.
  • Cat Power – I’ve only heard rumors of this one. But she’s suddenly become super poster on Facebook, so I’m guessing the rumors are true. I have to say, though, her status updates are posted all in caps and it’s really annoying. She, or whoever is posting on her behalf, need to stop that. It’s making me think less of her.
  • Ingrid Michaelson – I really like Ingrid  - as in Ingrid, the person. She also has some really great songs. But the last album never grabbed me – it was a bit too sugary sweet commercially sounding. From what I’ve heard of this one, it’s more of the same. Still, I’m sure there are good songs to be found.
  • First Aid Kit – their album comes out next week. They opened for Lykke Li when she was in town. Though I wasn’t blown away by them, there was enough there to intrigue me. Their single has been getting play on The Current and I kind of like it. I might have to pick up the album.
And then there’s me. I will (hopefully) be releasing my 2nd album this year. I only say hopefully as releasing an album can be spendy and I’m sort of taking it one thing at a time and not trying to put too many release date expectations on myself. But I will say that I’m hoping to have it out by end of June. I’m recording again tomorrow. At this point we have 9 songs started. Tomorrow we will start #10 and finish up the instrumentation on some of the other 9. We still have 4 other songs to start beyond that and I still haven’t decided how many of these songs are going to be on the album, but I think I will go ahead and record all of them anyway. If some of them don’t make the album, they can be released in other ways.

But, we are making good progress. I’d say I’m on track for that June release (fingers crossed). So very excited for this record.

And, maybe in my attempt to be more positive and not dwell on the bad stuff (I am really trying to do this, but sadly it’s really hard), I will post the 25 songs that are playing in my ear throughout the day...why only do this when I’m sick?

  1.  “1234” – Feist
  2. “Sleeping By Myself” – Eddie Vedder
  3. “Hawaii” – Haley Bonar
  4. “Broke”- Modest Mouse
  5. “Next to Me” – Broken Bicycles
  6. “Candy Machine Gun” –Haley Bonar
  7. “Map of Tasmania” – Amanda Palmer
  8. “Can’t Keep” – Eddie Vedder
  9. “One Line” – PJ Harvey
  10. “After It All” – Cat Power
  11. “Folding Chair” – Regina Spektor
  12. “Black Door” – Pink Mink
  13. “Dogs” – Damien Rice
  14. “Get Some” – Lykke Li
  15. “Hero” – Regina Spektor
  16. “All Through the Night” – Cyndi Lauper
  17.  “Hope & You” French Films About Trains
  18. “Good Fortune” – PJ Harvey
  19. “Melt Your Heart” – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
  20. “Islands” – Cat Power
  21. “Palomino” – Mates of State
  22. “Tonight You Belong to Me” – Eddie Vedder (feat. Cat Power)
  23. “Here Before” – Lissie
  24. “Intro” – The XX
  25. “Cicadas and Gulls” – Feist

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