Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Victory 44

One of my 10 Things for 2012 is to go to a new restaurant once a month. And so far I'm off to a good start!

I went to Victory 44 for a friend's birthday dinner. I was a little concerned, after going online to view their menu prior to dinner, because I'm a vegetarian and the menu picture they posted on their site showed only meat. I don't mind being around meat being consumed - I'm not one of those vegetarians - but when I go out to dinner, I like to eat something and there didn't appear to be anything on the menu for me. Also, everyone was planning on doing the Chef's Tasting which is a $50 for a five course meal, each course served with a glass of wine that is supposed to go perfectly with the dish. So, to spend $50 on food that I couldn't eat was a slight concern. But, I thought I could just sit and drink wine all night and that would be cool. I choose to be a vegetarian. I put myself in this situation and I was more looking forward to the hanging out with friends part.

But much to my surprise, the chef was happy to work with my vegetarianism and served me five courses all meat free that still each went with each glass of wine. And all of it was delicious. I would try to tell you what they served me, but I am no good with stuff like that so all I can say is that it was all very fancy and that one dish had roasted pears and I love pears.

Dessert was goat cheese and pomegranate seeds and it tasted just like ice cream. So. Good.

The atmosphere is great: Loud, but not obnoxious. Just loud enough where you don't feel like you have to sit and whisper. A very friendly wait staff. Good seating options. Clean bathrooms.

And the food was super tasty.

I'd recommend.

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