Monday, January 9, 2012

This Post Will Make Me Sound Like A Crazy Lady

Remember how one of my 10 Things For 2012 was to be positive? Yeah, about that...

I'm trying, I really really am. I've been very good. But then Sunday happened and I found myself being very negative and I didn't like it.

First things first: I woke up late. Like 10:50am.  Almost 12 hours of "sleeping". But I wasn't really sleeping because sleep has decided to not be my friend lately. But still, 11am is just way later than I need to be sleeping these days.

So already I was annoyed.

Then I went to Brueggers to get a bagel. I've recently become obsessed with bagels. I want to eat them for every meal. It's terrible. So I went to Brueggers. It was insane there. But, fine. I wasn't in a rush. I had my iPhone to flip through. I was cool.

Then the person in front of me goes up to order. The other two bagel makers appeared to be finishing up with their customers. The one helping the woman in front of me steps away from the counter, turns towards the trays of bagels and made, what sounded like, sneezing noises...into her hand. I couldn't be certain because my eyes weren't fixed on her the whole time, but it didn't matter. Because the thought was planted into my head that this woman thought the best place to sneeze while working with food was toward the main product provided by the company and into the hand she was using to prepare the food.

But the woman in line in front of me didn't seem to mind and so I told myself I must be mistaken because  I can't possibly be the only person who would be bothered to be served food covered in someone else's sneeze spray.

Because I was. I was so bothered.

Still, I waited in line, thinking the other bagel makers were almost done and they would be making my bagel, not sick girl. But nope. For whatever reason the rest of them began to move in slow-mo and Sneezy called me over. I ordered my food and then went to wait in line to pay. I could not get the thought out of my head that she had basically sneezed all over my bagel. So I set it down. And I left.

With it now being 11:15 and my Sunday wasting away quickly and my still wanting of a bagel, I ran my thoughts to where the next closest Brueggers was. After fighting ridiculous traffic for a Sunday and taking the wrong road and getting stuck in a maze of cul-de-sacs, I found the other Brueggers, and got my bagel.

But the situation from before still haunted me. How crazy am I to not take that bagel? Really. Am I really a germaphobe? It kind of freaked me out. But even then, just the thought of eating that bagel made me shudder. Yep, this could be the beginning of a problem.

So with that thought, I went about my day. I had band practice. Went grocery shopping.

La di da di da.

Then the bouncing started.

My neighbor's kid plays basketball all day. Every day. All day. I'm sure I've mentioned this before. He plays in the snow. He plays in the rain. He plays in the dark. And the sound of that fucking ball bouncing invades our house. It is winter in Minnesota. Yes, it's been nice. But it's still winter. The windows are closed. The storm windows are on. The furnace is on making the sound of blowing air. Yet, I can hear that basketball. I turn the radio up...loud. Still I hear it. I put the headphones on, still I hear it. It never ends.

And, sometimes, the Husband and I don't want to have the radio on. Sometimes he wants to read and I want to write in quiet. But the is always going.

And soon it will be summer. And we will want the windows open. We will want to sit outside and enjoy our big beautiful yard...but the basketball...if he plays this much in the winter, what is summer going to be like???

I don't think the kid should never play, but just maybe sometimes he could toss a football or baseball. Sometimes.

Because now when he's out there (all the time), I just glare through my window with the music cranked  grow angry and it's not a very nice thing to be. He's just a kid. Playing. And he's playing by himself - or with his dad. He never has friends over to play with him and that's kind of sad. Then again, maybe if he expanded his interests beyond basketball, he would find more people to acquaint himself with...

Ugh. I don't want to be cranky about it. But I can't help it. I pour a lot of money into this house each month and it is becoming less and less desirable to do so. It was one thing when I was just annoyed by the neighborhood children when I was sitting outside. But now it has found its way inside...into my sanctuary...and all those thoughts of maybe selling the house are growing bigger and bigger.

I don't want to dread summer.

See. I'm a crazy lady.

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