Friday, June 18, 2010


One of the things that has struck me lately, and that was reinforced this morning when I looked at what I was wearing to the office, is that I don't plan on "growing up" anytime soon. I have a house/mortgage, I pay my bills, I go to work every day. But I'm dressed like an 18 year old. Converse, jeans, and a Rhymesayers t-shirt is not exactly office attire. Even for casual Fridays. Luckily for me, I work at an office where every day is casual Friday and this kind of clothing is acceptable to wear.

They say you shouldn't dress for the job you have, but for the job you want. So what kind of job does my outfit make it seem like I want?

I'm 30 going on 21. Is this bad? Should I shake it off and act like a "real" grown up?

Have I mentioned that I'm incredibly impatient? I don't like to wait for anything, anywhere. Lines make me want to scream. Waiting makes me want to throw a tantrum on the floor. Hate. It. Another thing I hate is when someone tells you they are going to do something and give you the results of that something on a certain day and then that day passes, and another one passes and then you send them a follow up email - even though you don't want to come off like a nag, but come on! - and they still don't respond and you kind of need to know what the results are so you can move on with your plans.

I don't like when people can't make a decision. Just tell me yes or no. Or I will give you the answer myself. And it's no. Sorry. You lose. Times up. I said Good Day!


My friend is moving out of state back to her home town in Texas. She has an 18 year old son who will be staying here in Minnesota. She wanted to make him a cd of all the songs that she used to sing to him. One of the songs was a lullaby that she made up. She asked me if I would put music to it and sing it and record it so she can put it on the disc. So I did. And it's probably my favorite thing I've ever done. It's the first time I've created something that meant so much to someone. It was a nice feeling.

Oasis have released their, I think, 8th Greatest Hits album titled Time Flies. I love Oasis. I kind of fell out with them after Be Here Now, but have found some gems here and there. In fact, the following song could be my favorite Oasis song ever. And it's sung by Noel. So it's doubly awesome.

Have a great weekend.

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