Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dream Log #5

Last night I dreamt I got a gig at the Fitzgerald Theater. It was about half the size it actually is, but still, a pretty large place for me to headline.

I was nervous with anticipation, but oddly confident. The crowd was filled with a lot of friends, but even more unfamiliar faces.

The announcer welcomed me to the stage and it occurred to me I hadn't done a soundcheck. I walked out on stage with my guitar and up to the microphone and the mic stand kept falling over. Every time I would approach it, it would move. I kept looking to the sound guy and he just kept saying "deal with it". Over and over again I tried to sing and each time the stand would begin to sway or fall over or move away from me.

The sound guy said it might work better if he placed me somewhere else. So he moved me up to the side of the stage on a landing. There was a big chandelier blocking my view of the audience and their view of me. I was disappointed, but I thought I would try to play on.

I kept a smile on my face and made jokes about it, but eventually had to leave the stage. It just wasn't working. The announcer brought out another band to take my place while they figured out what was wrong. Amazingly, the mic stand stayed put for them. I was so confused. I hung out backstage with different friends and family members approaching me asking me if I was ever going to play.

Then I woke up.

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