Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coffee = Good

I stopped drinking coffee about 9 years ago. I was 21 and coffee just seemed to accentuate the hangovers I had most weekend mornings. It got to the point that the coffee I would have in the morning at work would just remind me of being hungover. So I quit drinking it.

I originally started drinking coffee around the age of 14. My friends and I used to hang out at the Truckstop by my town. It’s not as seedy as it sounds. All of my friends either cooked, waitressed, or cashiered there. So it became the place to hang out. We’d get free coffee and pie.

Back then, I took my coffee with 9 sugars. 9! How disgusting is that? Very disgusting, that’s how disgusting. I eventually weaned myself off of the sugars and started just drinking it black – and I never looked back.

I never got into the “fancy” coffees. Lattes and Cappuccinos and Mochaccinos and Turtle Mocha Cappuccinos or whatever they’re called. Just give me a cup of black coffee – no room for cream. And make sure it’s hot.

But, as I said, one day I just couldn’t drink it anymore. 9 years went by without a cup. If I went to a coffee shop with someone, I would get a hot chocolate. That was not a good idea. You know how quickly you gain weight by drinking hot chocolate? It doesn’t take long. Especially when it’s 20 below every day for a month and you just want a warm drink and tea is just not going to cut it and every morning you walk past a Caribou Coffee and they have the best hot chocolate so you stop and get one every. single. morning. It’s just a bad idea. It doesn’t end well.

Then one particularly cold night in the fall, it was freezing in my house and too early in the season to turn the heat on. My husband made a pot of coffee and it smelled so wonderful. He brought it into the den and the steam was rising from it and I just had to have some. So I did. And it was grand.

Now, I’m hooked. Again. And Folgers barely cuts it anymore. Not after I discovered Starbucks’ rocket fuel, also known as Pike’s Place Roast. That is some good coffee. In fact, I’m having some right now.

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