Thursday, June 24, 2010


My goal to create a new post every day for the month of June did not happen. I missed yesterday. I was barely at a computer yesterday. It was a busy day. I was out of the office at an HR training conference and then went directly to happy hour for a co-worker who is leaving and got home late and went to bed. It was a long odd day without my internets.

So this HR conference could also be added to the Fail List. It wasn’t so bad. I did learn some things. But the speaker was a douche.

First, let me say that the atmosphere of this place didn’t help much either. It was your typical 2 star hotel banquet room. Horrible carpeting swirling in shades of brown and beige, white tableclothed round tables, each with a pitcher of ice water. Walls that weren’t actually walls, but dividers between each of the conference rooms. No windows. No clocks. Drab, drab, drab.

It cost some money to go to this. I assumed my fee covered the speaker’s fee. But, apparently, this wasn’t enough of money for him and at some point in his career, he decided to hook up with some text book sellers and push their books for them for, what I’m sure is, a nice commission. The first half of the day consisted of him going over topics and then pointing to the different books he had lined up against the back wall that we could buy for the low low package price of $450. Yeah. No thanks. Surprisingly, though, he did sell quite a few books. So I guess that works for him.

The second half of the day was all about how President Obama is going to destroy this country. Okay. So it wasn’t that blatant. But I paid for a class to tell me what I need to do in my job right now to be doing it correct. I didn’t need to hear about this dude’s opinion on the possible laws that the President may pass at some future date. Not relevant.

My ire was really raised, though, when he started going on about the audacity that women with babies dare to even dream about the possibility of 12 weeks PAID maternity leave – because that alone, will cripple the nation.

Come on! Countries all around the world give women much more time off than we do. Some up to 2 years PAID maternity leave. Not to mention the upwards of 8 weeks of vacation most other countries in the world receive. Oh, but as our speaker said, that would make us Socialist, and who wants that? Because, as he said, the media only tells you the good part about the large amounts of vacation that other countries get. They don’t explain the increase in taxes and healthcare costs that will happen because of this.

Well, if The Powers That Be want to take another $20 out of my paycheck so that someone new mother can spend more time with her new born, go right ahead. And I don’t even like kids. If they want to take another $20 out of each paycheck so that I can have 6 extra weeks of vacation each year, please, take it now! Maybe people wouldn’t be so fucked up in this country if we all got out of the office every once in a while.

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