Tuesday, November 20, 2012


All I can do is think about my new dog. I want to talk about him all the time. I had to stop myself from posting picture after picture and update after update of and about him on the social medias last night. I’m pretty sure STFU, Parents who put up a special post about me if I posted about him as much as I want to.

Today is his first day home alone for a full work day and I am worried sick! I just want to go home to him and cuddle. He’s just so sweet. I wish he could come to work with me. I guess he went to work with his foster mom sometimes. If only my employer allowed it.

I think he’s starting to like us. We broke down and are letting him sleep in bed with us. We just didn’t want to kennel him all night and then kennel him again all day when we work. I think that went a long way in his feelings towards us. 

He's a very good sleeper.

 He does such goofy things. He just sits. Like, randomly sits and watches everything. It’s so cute. He’ll sit for anything.

He’s really good at giving side-eye.

He takes his toys and throws them for himself. If I try to throw them for him, he just sits, so I have to give it right back because he’s a good boy for sitting to request something. If I do manage to throw a toy, even if he’s been playing with it outside of his kennel or his room (yep, he now has Murray’s old room as his), he gets and brings it back to his kennel. Like he’s annoyed that I threw it and doesn’t think I’m playing with it right so, therefore, I don’t get to play with it at all.

Watching dad leave for work.

It’s all certainly an adjustment, though. It’s been a quiet year since Murray passed and now we are back on the 4am wake-up call of a dog getting up and shaking and his collar making a ton of noise.  And getting up an hour earlier to walk him and feed him and hang out with him before heading to work. And keeping a constant eye on him as he can still be a little naughty.

It’s totally worth it, though.

I am so glad he is in our life now.

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Kimi said...

I love this so much! What a sweetie.