Sunday, November 25, 2012


Here's five things that are, will be and have been happening:

1. I have a lot of songs ready to go and so I thought it would be fun to record an EP for a release this spring - and the recording has begun! Shawn has a 4 track player and we are going to make a 4-5 song EP. Total do-it-yourself mode completely recorded at his house. I'm going to make the album art and burn the discs myself, though it will most likely be mainly a digital download. I'm super excited. Here's the first song we've done. It's called "A Story":

2. I'm performing at The Cedar Cultural Center this Tuesday for the Prairie Fire Lady Choir end of season show. As you may or may not know, I've been a part of the choir for about two years now. I'll be singing some songs with the choir as well as some songs of my own on my own. Should be a super fun night!

3. I saw The Chalice perform again at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Third Thursday event. These ladies are the real deal. Check them out!

4. My friends, The Broken Bicycles, have revamped their sound. They've gone electric! And they've done it well! No more ukuleles. Lead singer, Turkeyes' voice was made for singing like this. Love it. I took some video at the debut performance of their new sound.

5. I started watching Homeland last weekend. I'm not sure about this one. Claire Danes is so over the top. It occurred to me I haven't seen anything she's done since My So Called Life. This character feels like exactly who Angela Chase grew up to be. I will say that I am intrigued by the show's main mystery. Just not sure I care about much else - including the characters.

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