Sunday, November 18, 2012

And Introducing....


Yep. We got another dog. He's just about the sweetest little guy ever.

We had been looking at his picture on Petfinder and debating about him for weeks (see this post). Then Second Chance Animal Rescue* (the agency he was fostered through) had an adoption day in our neighborhood yesterday and we went and he was there and we couldn't say no.

We had called on Friday to make sure he was going to be there and then got there early on Saturday to make sure we got to him first. There were so many people there waiting for the dogs! I was so worried we'd have to fight for him. But we caught him just as he was coming in the door and met him before anyone else even had a chance to see him.

Having a dog in the house again has already been a major adjustment. He was with his foster mom for 5 months and I think they were very attached. He seems sad - cries a lot - but then every once in a while, he seems to be accepting us.

Having a dog again is also making me realize how unique Murray was. We never had to worry about him jumping on the counters, eating out of the garbage, drinking out of the toilet. But Robbie will do all of those things, so it is a constant game of keeping an eye on him.

He took to his kennel well. We set it up and he went right in there without us even pointing it out. He even put his toys in there himself. But then when we went to bed last night and shut the door, well, that seemed to change his opinion of his kennel. But he didn't make a peep all night.

He really wants to come up on our bed. And he's totally able to jump up there. Right now, we've decided this is unacceptable. The bed needs to stay animal hair free, so the bedroom door stays closed. But, I don't know. I bet he'd really like to sleep up there with us...

I'm really trying not to compare him to Murray. He is his own dog after all. But Murray is my only previous experience as a pet owner as an adult and Murray was just not a normal dog. I think Robbie is more of a normal dog. But, he's still weird. He doesn't seem to like areas with heavy traffic. On his walk around the neighborhood last night, we got to the point where we walk on a sidewalk off of a busy street and he was not happy.

And then today, we took him for a walk around the lake and when we got to a point where we were walking into the wind and you could hear the nearby cars going by, he froze and would not move.

So, we're all just trying to figure each other out and learn how to communicate with each other.

He really is the sweetest, most gentle dog. Just super mellow. Doesn't make a sound (except for the occasional crying outburst). I love him so much already. I hope he learns to love me.

 *Second Chance Animal Rescue is also where we got Murray. They are a great organization.

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Kimi said...

I am SO EXCITED to meet him!! He is so cute!! He'll be cheerfully keeping you company while you write songs and/or sing along to other songs before you know it! !