Monday, July 19, 2010


I was on vacation last week. Another trip to the U.P. A much needed week long vacation.

We rode horses, we went kayaking, we slept, we read, we sat.

Our last night there, my face developed a twitch right around my left cheekbone. It was right after I saw a spider on my blanket as I was getting ready for bed. I hate spiders. I think the stress of the return trip home and the thought of a spider in bed with me caused the twitching to start. It hasn’t gone away yet. It occurred to me just now that it hasn’t twitched in a couple of hours, but something still doesn’t feel right.

If this is stress related, which it very well could be – I have a ton going on right now, the twitching doesn’t help. Now I’m fearful that I will wake up with half of my face limp. Not a very kind thought.

When I begin to even think about everything going on this week, I can feel the left side of my face stiffen. Tons of work stuff just popped up, I start recording my album on Wednesday, I have post vacation laundry piling up, and we were supposed to redo our patio on Saturday, but I had to cancel. I just can’t add that level of stress to an already stressful week. I feel terrible about it as my sister was really rallying the troops together to help us fix our crumbling brick patio. But with everything going on with my face, something had to give. I just need to mellow.

I just got back from vacation. Why am I so stressed?

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