Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Palace Stage

I promise I won't turn this blog into a place to revel in performing and dump my setlists, but it does work for that purpose, too, right? : )

I've just got a very busy month ahead and so much going on suddenly, that these quick posts will be it for a while.

I'll also be taking a week off while I'm on vacation. My first week long vacation in two years. I'm pretty excited.

And when I return, I start recording! Yay!

But for now, it's gigs, vacation, and prep. For example, today I am meeting with the drummer for the first time who will be my drummer for the album. I have never played with a drummer before. Should be an educating experience. Then, tonight, I play a two hour set at Trotter's Cafe. I'll be pulling out all the songs. Shouldalso be an educating experience.

Last night I played at The Palace Stage at Wild Tymes. What a great venue! Their stage is awesome and the sound is great. Here is what I played:

The Paul Simon Song
Good to Know
Walking Strange (forgot the last verse!)
I Remember You (Skid Row cover - so much fun)
No Words (new sappy love song written for The Husband)
Back at the Start -
-It's You
In the Company of Elvis

I'm kind of bummed. I've been trying to hang onto all of my setlists and it looks l left this one there. Oh, well.

And what is up with digital cameras? How come they can never take good photos of live performances. This is really me. I swear.

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