Saturday, July 3, 2010


Last night I played at The Coffee Grounds. So much fun, as always. My friends, Luke and Toni, and their band, Stella For Star, played as well.

The Coffee Grounds is a great place to play. People come there specifically to have a cup of coffee and to listen to some music, so there was a good crowd. I also had some unexpected surprises in the audience, and that's always awesome.

I always feel so relieved singing into a microphone. When I practice at home, I always feel like I sound like shit, or I have to strain. But then you're given a mic and your voice is amplified and it just makes singing so much easier.

The other nice thing about having a mic is that people think you're funny. You stand up their and start babbling and trying to make jokes and people laugh and you think, hey! I'm funny! This isn't so hard. At least I hope they're laughing with me. That was always the scariest part about performing live to me. The banter. What do you say when you're up there? But, it actually is pretty easy to ramble on when you have a mic in front of you. I wonder why that it is?

Last night's set:

The Paul Simon Song
World of Pain
Good to Know
Walking Strange
Old-Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell cover)
Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart (Greg Brown cover)
Back at the Start - It's You (I created a part 2 to this song on the fly the other night)
Cast a Spell

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