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Lost Episode 6, "316"

I think I've come to the point with this show where my brain can't quite handle all the science and mythology. I love science. I used to love scouring the internet every Thursday morning for all the hidden meanings and clues throughout the previous night's episode. But, oddly, as soon as the show really starts giving me all the geeky wonderfulness it has eluded to since season 1 episode 1, I can't handle it. Maybe I'm not the geek I believe myself to be. It's not that I don't get it or am too dumb to understand. It's just so much and I just don't have the time to devote myself to all of mysteries like I used to.

Either way, I still enjoy this show immensely. No other program compares. I think I just need to go along for the ride now.

So speaking of season 1 episode 1, last night's show started out exactly the same way. A close up of Jack's eye, then panning out to see him lying in the jungle. You hear someone (Hurley) calling for help. Jack, in all his heroic glory, runs to his rescue. Hurly is in a lagoon, holding on for dear life to a guitar case. Jack does the most ungraceful dive I have ever seen and manages to pull big old Hurley to safety. I guess water does make everyone feel lighter. Then they see a body lying on some rocks. Who's that? Hurley and I ask in unison. Oh, it's Kate. Hmmm. Maybe she's dead. Nope. Dammit. Looks like they're back on the island.

Flashback to 46 hours earlier.

This entire episode is about how the Oceanic 6 - give or take a couple - make it back to the island. I was already in for disappointment because, as you know, I really can't stand the majority of the O6. But, I'm still curious about how they get back and I'm very surprised they are doing it so early in the season. It makes me really excited for the rest of the season, assuming it will all be island related.

We are back at the church now with Jack, Ben, Sun, Eloise, and Desmond and his beautiful feathered hair. Oh, Desmond....
Eloise leads everyone to the basement of the church, also known as "The Lamppost" by the Dharma folks. It's a big room with a huge pendulum swinging in the middle over a map of the world. There are chalkboards full of equations and old Dharma hatch computers everywhere.

I need to ramble about something for a second just to try to make sense of it.

Eloise was an Other, or really, a Hostile. She was part of the original Richard Alpert group. An island native, we are led to believe. She was on the island before Dharma ever got there. At some point in the late 60s/early 70s, Dharma shows up. According to Eloise, they found the island using The Lamppost", basically a big science experiment studying magnetic forces around the world, the island being the strongest of them all. We learned that in the early 90s, Ben and Richard concocted a plan to kill the Dharma folks. They then took over their camp, and presumably their hatches, and started doing their own experiments. Why? Who knows. Richard seemed to not know about the time travel capabilities of the island when Locke told him he was from the future. Maybe Dharma got them curious? At some point during all of this, Eloise has left the island. Did she have Daniel on or off the island? I would assume off since Daniel is not having nosebleeds yet, which would mean he hasn't been tied to the island as long as the others. Why did Eloise leave? Did she leave with Widmore? Is that Daniel's babydaddy? Was she requested at some point to push the Frozen Donkey Wheel? But if Richard didn't know about the time travel, he wouldn't have known about the FDW. Daniel had to have been born in the mid-70s, right around the time Dharma first got there, so they most likely hadn't discovered the FDW yet either. Hmmm...questions, questions, questions.

 So where was I? Oh, yes. Eloise tells everyone about the room and what it does and that they now have only 36 hours left before they have to go back to the island. Is she seem less creepy to anyone else? Her eyes don't look nearly as black. She almost seems silly. Which is what Desmond thinks, too. See? He and I are so connected. He tells her all this time travel crap is a bunch of hooey and calls them all a bunch of dumbasses for believing her. She tells him the island isn't done with him yet. He tells her that he is done with the island. Goodbye, Desmond. I'm glad the island isn't done with you, because I hope to see you again...

The O6, or O2, or O3 if you count Ben - then I guess it's O4 if you count DeadLocke - need to catch flight 316 out of LA to Guam in order to get back to the island. They all leave to go pack. Eloise pulls Jack aside and gives him a letter from Locke. Looks like Locke hung himself. Was this supposed to be shocking? I feel like we already knew this. Locke wanted Jack to have the letter. Jack doesn't want to open it because, as we all know, the last thing Jack ever wants is more information. We see this highlighted later in the episode.

Eloise tells Jack that they have to recreate the OriginalPlaneCrash as closely as they can. DeadLocke will serve as a substitute for Jack's dead dad. But Jack will need to put something of his father's in Locke's coffin. Jack freaks out because his dad has been dead for 3 years and I guess that means that you have to destroy everything that was ever his.

Jack is next at the bar when he gets a call. It was his paternal grandfather. Seems he was trying to escape from the nursing home. Why am I supposed to care? Oh, because he has a pair of Christian Shepard's shoes. How convenient. They really needed to throw in Jack's granddaddy just to get something that belonged to his dad? His mom doesn't have a single shirt or watch or golf clubs or something left behind? Whatever.

Jack is pleased as punch. It's almost like....FATE made this happen! Could all that mumbo-jumbo Locke was always spewing on the island have been right?

He stumbles home and doesn't turn on any lights while he looks for some liquor. Because, as I said before, Jack wants no further information in his head. He just can't handle it. Even the help the light would give him in finding some booze is too much to handle. He hears a noise. He stumbles through the dark to his bedroom. There on the bed is Kate. Crying. Surprise. Kate is crying. What did she do now? Jack actually asks a question: "Where's Aaron?" Where IS Aaron, Kate? Where is YOUR SON! Kate says that she will go back to the island, but Jack can never ever ask her about Aaron again. Obviously, this is the easiest thing anyone has ever asked Jack to do, so he agrees. Then they get it on. Because why not? Jack still hasn't turned on the lights and Kate is vulnerable and sad. Only Jack's inner heroics can make her feel better. Ugh. Gross. I hate them.

The next morning the sun is shining and both of them seem quite happy. Jack has already forgotten he had a nephew. I mean, his brain must be so relieved to have lost some more information. Jack has made Kate her favorite breakfast. Oh, how sweet. They chit chat for a bit, then she heads home to pack and get to the airport.

Ben calls Jack and tells him he will have to pick up DeadLocke from the butcher shop because, well, he's had a bit of an issue arise. We see Ben at a phone booth (because there are still plenty of those around) all bloody and banged up. Jack doesn't ask any questions (do we see a theme here?) and is off to pick up DeadLocke.

(Before I go on, my husband just wrote me and said his co-worker thinks Ben was all bloody because he just killed Penny. I swear that if Penny is dead and Kate gets to live happily ever after, I will declare this the worst show ever made. No matter how good the finale is. I won't care. Desmond and Penny are THE love story on this show. They are the only two people whose happiness I care about. I used to care about Sun and Jin, as well, but then Sun started to suck this season and now I just want Jin to leave her and take the baby. Speaking of their baby, is Sun really just going to leave her kid and go back to the island knowing she will never see her again? Odd.)

The chick at the butcher shop lets him in and goes to get the van. Jack opens the casket 
and puts the suicide note Locke left him in Locke's coat. He also exchanges Locke's shoes for his dad's. Blah blah blah.

Everyone starts to arrive at the airport. Jack, Sun, Kate. But, look! There's Sayid! In handcuffs! Being led by an FBI agent! WTF? They get to the terminal and there's Hurley! How did he get out of jail? Jack actually asks? But Hurley won't give it up. That is so out of character. For both of them. Oh, and Hurley also bought out as many of the empty seats as possible to save the lives of the innocent. How very Hurley.

They get on the plane and Sayid is there with the FBI person. Hurley has a guitar. Everyone else is everyone else. Then Ben comes running onto the plane, arm in a sling, all bruised. Hurley freaks out (so my theory of Ben getting bloody by breaking Hurley out of jail was false. He better not have killed Penny!) . Jack calms him down. Take off.

Now, I assume the guitar is to represent Charlie. Sayid is handcuffed with an FBI agent to represent how Kate was when she originally came to the island. Why Kate can't represent Kate, I don't know. I guess she is that incompetent. It seems there are a lot of people not represented. Whatever.

But wait! The flight attendant just announced that their captain is Frank Lapeidus (spelling?)
Holy crap. Jack goes up to say hi. Frank steps out of the cockpit and I can't tell if he is the same actor or just looks really different with a haircut and a shave. I'll go with the latter. You can't change actors on a show like Lost. People will read too much into it.

Turns out Frank has a nice little life flying commercial jets around. He starts to notice who is sitting in first class. Oops. Sucks for you, dude. Guess you're not going to Guam after all.

Later on this oh so pleasant flight, Jack and Ben are hanging out in the back of the plane. Jack is staring at nothing while Ben reads a book, Ulysses (take it away internet folks...what is the significance of that?), reading lamp and all. How adorable. Ben really is adorable when it comes down to it.

Jack asks another question (shocking!), "how can you read?" to which Ben replies, "My mom taught me" HA! God I love Ben and his snark. Best line of the series ever. They then get into a conversation about how Jack had nothing to do with Locke's suicide and that Jack should just read the god damn letter. Then Ben storms off because he is so fucking pissed he has to share another scene with his humongous waste of space.

Jack reads the letter (oops forgot to tell you that the flight attendant found it when the airline searched Locke's coffin). It says: "Jack, I wish you would have believed. JL" Me, too, John. Me, too. If he just would have believed , you would all be alive and well and living on the beach eating Dharma cereal and drinking Dharma beer. How awesome does that sound? Pretty awesome.

The plane starts to go through some turbulence. Everyone prepares for the inevitable. A big flash of light happens and then.....

We start back at the beginning of the episode. It replays the first five minutes. Then everyone looks around wondering where the rest of their crew is? Sun, Sayid, Ben? Where are they? A Dharma van pulls up. Out comes someone in Dharma gear. 
He points a gun at them. The camera pans up. It's Jin! Everyone looks confused. The end.

So, I think we can say that when Locke turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel that the island Losties and the island were trapped in whatever time period it was when the wheel was turned. My guess is this was right about the time when Dharma first showed up. Now all of those flashes and crap that was happening was supposed to be happening immediately after season 4, when everyone else got off the island. Now it is three years later. Dharma is in full force on the island and the Losties have had to infiltrate their group and act as members to survive (and , presumably try to get off the island. Because they don't know Locke made it off. They think he was buried alive). This also explains the first scene in the first episode of this season with Faraday in Dharma gear at the construction of the Orchid.

Crazy stuff is about to happen, folk. Crazy stuff.

I just have these questions: Where is Aaron? Where is Sun, Sayid, and Ben? How did Hurley get out of jail? Why is Ben bloody (better not be Penny)? And why did Sun willingly leave her kid forever and how much is this going to piss off Jin?

Stay tuned.

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