Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Where did the day go? To the internet again.

I spend way too much time online. I spend most of this time going between maybe 8 different websites. #1 being Facebook. I used to be a MySpace girl, but then was wooed after I started this job and most everyone I worked with was on Facebook. So I joined. I've been hooked ever since.

But now there is a problem. Now EVERYONE I work with is on Facebook. From VPs to admins. One VP "friended" me. I almost quit Facebook. But I accepted her "friendship". I spent the next two weeks concerned about every single thing my friends posted concerning me. Facebook is so open. Everyone knows everyone's business. That's part of the fun. But I don't need the VP of Communications seeing pictures of me at 19 years old drunk as hell wearing a studded collar and hanging out with tattooed goth dudes. And, unfortunately with Facebook, I have no control over that. If some friend of mine throws up some old picutres and tags me in one of them, all of my "friends" see that I have been tagged in a photo and can view that photo. I'm not ashamed of my past and I don't care what most of my co-workers see. But the VP does not need to see it and she should know better than to friend someone so low on the office totem pole. It puts me in a very uncomfortable spot. My boss is on Facebook and has been ever so kind and wise enough not to friend me and to allow me my privacy. This is not LinkedIn. That is where professionals go to congregate. This is Facebook. This is where I go to find out about my friends and peers. Stay away from it VP.

Thankfully, another co-worker showed me how to delete friends without them knowing, so I did some house cleaning. Goodbye, VP.

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