Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dishes Are Done, Man

I'm certain that if I was single and lived alone, I would lose a ton of weight because I wouldn't eat because I hate to do the dishes that much.   Dishes waiting at home in the sink for me can ruin my entire afternoon.  I dread them.  

I'm really meticulous with them, as well.  I spend a great amount of time just rinsing them before I even begin to actually wash.  

I hate the feeling and look of wet food.  When a pan of last night's dinner has been soaking and you dump the water out and all of this wet mush comes makes me gag.   I also can't stand it when I'm washing them and I see little bits of floating food in the water.   This is why I rinse them so carefully.   If I do see floaters,  I have been known to drain the water and start over.

But, I have to do them.  My husband does them quite often.  He knows of my disdain.  But he does so much already, I feel like I should have at least one chore besides bill paying.   But every time I come home and he has already finished them, I remember how lucky I am to have him.

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