Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Episode 4, "The Little Prince"

This is going to be a difficult one for me today. Not only was my mind not as into it after our household finally fell victim to the recession (due to a paycut), but it just wasn't a very memorable episode. It proved to me that I am much more invested in what is happening on the island that off of it.

Where to begin....

So Kate is still freaking out because somebody wants to take "her baby" away from her. I agree with something I read somewhere online that I would really like to see the transistion of Kate becoming Aaron's mom and watching that relationship grow. I think they tried to do that tonight with the 5 minute opening scene on Penny's boat, but it didn't work. That would be an actual backstory of Kate's that I would be interested in.

Kate borrows a suit from Sun and heads to the lawyer's office to see if she can meet with the client who wants her baby. He says that won't happen. So she stalks him outside his office so she can follow him to his client's house.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ben and Sayid are all at the hospital. Some random dude tries to attack Sayid, but he gives him the smackdown that only Sayid or Jack Bauer can and finds Kate's address in his pocket. Odd, they think. Jack decides he needs to rescue Kate and Ben says to meet he and Sayid at the pier once he's done. There was also a great shot of Hurley in his prison orange jumpsuit when he calls Jack to tell him where he is.

Jack runs to Kate and ends up with her as she follows the lawyer. They both decline to tell each other anything, as usual. Kate finally fesses up once they get to the lawyer's destination. They see that his client is...duh duh duh...Claire's mom!

I hate Claire's mom. I hate the way she speaks. "Her name was Claaaaireah. She was yo sistahhhh." So lame.

But, Jack talks to her and she has no idea who Aaron and Kate are and we find out that the lawyer's real client is Ben. Who didn't see that coming? Honestly, I thought it would be either Ben or Sun. I am a bit sick of the misdirection this show has been doing this season. Why throw the crap in there with Claire's mom? What was the point? To chew up 5 minutes of air time? So lame.

Sun is back at the hotel babysitting and has a gun delivered and some spy photos of Jack with Ben. Oh Noes! Sun seeks revenge! So lame.

In the end, they all meet at the pier and Kate freaks out when Ben shows up with Sayid because, of course, Jack failed to mention that this is what is happening and why Sun and Aaron needed to meet them there.

Sun is seen lurking in the shadows fondeling her gun and drooling with anticipation of offing Ben (and maybe even Jack!).

Now for the better stuff (notice I didn't say good, because even the island stuff kind of blew last night)...

The Losties are trying to revive Charlotte after her seizure and Juliette is bugging Daniel for answers as to why this happenig while Sawyer freaks out and Miles whines that nobody cares about him. Locke has a revelation and demands they head to the Orchid station where all this happens so he can die and save the island. Do Locke's sudden ideas seem forced to anyone else? Where is he getting all of these ideas? He hasn't spoken to Jacob in forever and the sky keeps blowing up before Richard can tell him anything. It almost seems like the writer's are thinking maybe 2 more seasons isn't enough and now have to cram all of Locke's shit in, when really they could just kill of Kate and Jack and have plenty of time for Locke.

They decide to head to the beach and take the raft around the island to the Orchid for faster travels. On the way there, they see the light from the Swan hatch where OriginalLocke (that is how I'm going to explain the Losties who we see in the past on the island, okay?) was seen pounding on it after Boone dies in season 1. Locke says it's best to avoid it and move on.

Miles' nose starts bleeding. He informs Daniel.

They hear voices. Sawyer runs to investigate. OMG it is OriginalKate helping OriginalClaire give birth to OrginalAaron! Riveting. Do we really have to watch a scene from season 1 when there is much other shit to cover???? Sawyer stands there and drools over her for what seems like 30 minutes. Really. This is all it was. A scene from season 1 cutting back and forth from Sawyer standing there and drooling over his Precious Kate. Blah blah blah.

The only thing this scene did for me was help my theory that the whispers the Losties have continuously heard throughout the jungle is really the voices of the time travelling Losties.

Of course, the sky blows up again and he doesn't tell anyone what he saw, even after Locke begs him. He's just like Kate and Jack. They'd make a happy ignorant threesome.

They make it to the beach and it appears to be present time....or is it. The camp is there, but all of the food (and beer) is gone. It looks like everyone left in a hurry. The raft is gone, too...but there are two canoes on shore. Where did they come from? They weren't there in the Losties time. Could this be the future?

They take a canoe and head to the Orchid. While out at sea, the other canoe full of people we can't see start following them and shooting them. I was happy about this because it interrupted Sawyers rehashing of his sighting of OriginalKate to Juliette. The sky blows up in the nick of time again and they are saved from the bullets, only to be out in the ocean during a thunderstorm. They head back to the beach.

On shore, they see remenants of a boat crash. My first thought was Desmond. This must be from when his sailboat originally crashed. But Locke flips something over and there is french writing on it. Hooray! Danielle Rosseau!. Now we're getting somewhere. (Oh and Sawyer whines to Juliette some more about how wonderful Kate is and how he misses her and I'm left thinking, it's been like a day in your time since you last saw her.)

-This is what can make the time skipping fun. You get to see all of these things that happened before the Losties arrived. Everyone was so upset when Rosseau got killed because they thought it meant no backstory. But now we get to have it via time travel. Hooray!-

Cut to the middle of the ocean again and a young (and pregnant) Rosseau is drifting in a lifeboat with her team. They come across a body floating on a piece of wood in the ocean. They pull him's Jin!!!! He's alive!!!! He was within the island's radius when it disappeared! He's been time skipping along with everyone! Except he doesn't know it because he's been unconsious. Boy, is he in for a suprise.

Rosseau, her team, and Jin land on the island. She revives Jin and introduces herself. Jin gets the best WTF face ever. Boom!Roasted. End.

So, yeah, it was a very dull episode capped with a great moment in the Jin revival. I love Jin. Hopefully next week gets off the I Love Kate train and heads back to weirdoville, because that's the Lost I love.

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