Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recap

Okay, I think this blog is starting to turn into a journal. Is that the way they are supposed to work?

Here's ther rundown:

Wednesday: Husband wasn't feeling well but I coaxed him into going out to a bar to see an old friend's band after getting a call from another friend. Changed our minds last minute after friend first called to say she wasn't ready when she was supposed to be and would be a half hour to 45 minutes late and then getting another call from her 15 minutes later asking if we could pick her up as her boyfriend was now not feeling well. I told her this evening just became difficult and I don't feel like going out anymore. It was getting too late.

Thursday: Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Chaos. Babies. Food. Games. 5 hours. We had to leave our dog at home this year because of the babies. That made me very sad. My dog loves grandma's house.

Friday: Brunch at my dad's. Sloppy Joes for everyone else, a salad for me. My family assumes if you don't eat meat, the only other thing you can possibly eat is salad. I did get some Christmas money from my dad which I ran out and spent that afternoon. Yes, I went out on black Friday. It wasn't so bad. Just a busy day at the mall. I didn't have to wait in any lines, though.

We spent Friday night at our neighbor's house. Our neighbors are such awesome people who have had a string of bad luck lately. They are slightly older than my husband and I and have two pre-teen daughters. My husband and the neigbor husband get along really well due to their mutual bicycle obsession. That leaves me to talk to the neighbor wife. We don't have much in common. I find once a woman has kids and does the stay at home mom thing, they have nothing else to talk about besides kids. Since I don't really like kids, this makes for difficult conversation.

Saturday: I raided Target on Saturday. It was awesome. All of their clothing was on clearance. We're talking $7 dresses. Their clothing is much improved. Although, I did get a new sweater and wore it today for the first time and it is already missing two buttons. Oh, well. It was only $8.

Saturday night my husband and I attended Haley Bonar's show. It was fantastic. It was my third time seeing her. She, like Target's clothing, is much improved. She had a full band who were super tight. I first saw her opening up for a couple of bands at 7th Street. You could barely hear her over the crowd noise. She was so quiet and timid. Now, total pro. Really great show.

Sunday: Sunday started out as a lazy day. I didn't get out of my pjs until about 5:00 when I had to jump in the shower and get ready to go to my friend's hockey game. He lost. I then went out to dinner at The Eatery for another friend's birthday dinner. I had the most amazing butternut squash dish. I will definitely be trying that recipe at home. Or, my husband will, as he is the cook.

Monday: My final day off. I woke up unable to walk. My left foot was incredibly tender. I must have just pulled something because it worked it's way out eventually. I still feel a little sore, but I can walk. I spent the day at home doing nothing. I played a little Tetris, played some guitar (actually composed and recorded a song on Garage Band), watched some talk shows. Then my husband came home, we made tacos for dinner, had some wine and I watched the best show on television: Prison Break. Really, fantastic television. I'm not being sarcastic.

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