Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A friend of mine is planning a two to three week trip to Europe and Africa, spending most of her time in France as she used to live there. She sent out a request that her friends and family should find time during her trip to fly to France for lunch with the idea that how cool would it be to randomly see people from back home while you are abroad.

I think this is a fantastic idea.

I am now giddy with the possibility of going to Paris next May or June. My husband has enough frequent flyer miles saved for one round trip ticket overseas. So, we would just need to buy the other, money for a hotel, and spending cash. Totally feasible. We would leave on a Thursday night and return home on Sunday. Lunch, The Lourve, home. It sounds so awesome. I have never been overseas.

Just one problem, we are total procrastinators. A weekend trip to Paris takes a lot of pre-planning. We would have to save up enough money to buy the tickets as soon as we can, and most of our savings is already earmarked for home improvement projects that just need to be done.

We had once planned to go to Tokyo for New Years to visit a friend. We even both got passports. But then we waited and waited and then it was too late to get decent tickets and hotel rooms.

I just really want to do this. I think I'll start researching flights today.

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