Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold, Clothing, and Chocolate

My desk is set right next to the coldest conference room of the office building. I keep the door closed to keep the cold air from blowing on me. It is always about 20 degrees in there no matter what time of year it is.

One of my co-workers seems to find it easier to do his work in there. He knows, because I have told him, to keep the door shut because I get very very cold. Yet, he always leaves it open. Then I get up to close it. Then he goes back in there and leaves it open. Then I close it again. I'm sitting here with my winter jacket on. Hello. I'm freezing.

Speaking of winter jackets (let's see if I can make this segue work), I've been reassessing my current clothing situation. I recycle the same 7-8 outfits each week. Sometimes I mix and match for variety, but essentially I wear the same pieces of clothing 7 days a week.

I find it very hard to hang onto clothing. Maybe I'm not washing them correctly, but they don't seem to last very long. And, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I think I shrink all of my clothes after washing them a certain amount of times. One day they fit, the next they don't. My weight can't possibly fluctuate this much, can it? I will wear a pair of jeans to work, wash them that night, try them on 2 days later, and they won't fit. I can barely get them buttoned. Same thing happens with shirts. So then those pieces of clothing get tossed aside and never worn again. I don't know what it is or what I do to my clothes to make this happen, but it's incredibly frustrating.

It also happens if I buy something new.

Let's say I have my favorite pair of jeans. I wear them 3-4 times a week. I get some extra money and go shopping and buy another pair of jeans. Suddenly, the old jeans no longer fit. It's very strange. I just chalk it up to the greater conspiracy that I believe is against me. I can't even begin to give you the details of this because it is all in my head. Maybe some bored weekend night I will choose to prattle on about it.

Back on track...anyway, I find clothes to be very difficult for me. I'm at the between size where I'm at the top size at a place like The Gap (14/16) and the very bottom at a place like Layne Bryant. So finding clothes that fit is near impossible. I try to keep it simple. Jean, long sleeve tees, sweaters. But that gets so boring. I just want fun, comfortable clothing. Why is it so hard?

Now, onto chocolate. I do realize that I need to lose some weight. But there is not much to cut from my diet since I actually eat pretty well. I have a bagel in the morning, a light lunch (either a sandwich or salad), and then a nice dinner of either pasta, fish and veggies, or a tuna sandwich. And, besides beer, I only drink water.

My one vice is chocolate. I looooooove chocolate. Every morning I used to get a large hot chocolate. I would also, at some point in the afternoon, have another form of chocolate. If someone in the office brought in some sort of sweet treat, I could not resist.

I am trying to only have chocolate once a week. So far so good. But it is only week two. Last week my treat was a slice of chocolate and peanut butter cake my co-worker brought in. It was divine and worth every bite.

I have yet to have chocolate this week. I'm trying to save it for something special like the slice of cake, but I will most likely end up grabbing a Dove bar at some point. Which will be good. I love Dove bars.

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