Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sinking in

I think it's really just starting to sink in that Obama won. I was just finally able to watch his press conference today and I was so pleased for so many reasons. One, that he came out with this presidential air. You can't deny his presence and that does matter. When he begins to meet with other leaders, this will be a big factor after 8 years of Bush. Two, that he had plans and was ready to discuss them. He is so obviously ready to start his new job. And three, that I finally have a president I can withstand listening to for longer than 20 seconds. 20 seconds was about my Bush threshold.

This whole election was historical. Our two democratic top prospects were a woman and a black man. The VP pic for the GOP was a woman. It was really an amazing presidential election 'season'.

I am still just so proud of our country for this pick.

But now we need to look to California and try to stop the hate that is happening there. It is so frustrating that when our country finally moves forward in it's struggle with race relations that we now our struggling over sexual relations. It just seems that, as a country, we have always needed someone to pick on. This bullying needs to stop. Let these people love who they choose to love. I'm not a religious person, but if you truly believe in god, then god made everyone who they are and made them that way for a reason. Don't deny your gay/bi/lesbian/transgender/transsexual brothers and sisters the same civil rights that everyone else on this earth receives.

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