Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't Look Back In Anger

I went to Oasis last night. I left with mixed feelings.

First, no live music that is not a marching band should ever be played at the Target Center. The sound there is atrocious. Just a big wall of muffled static. Even when music wasn't playing and the artists were just talking, it was muffled.

Second, I got my tickets free from work, so I shouldn't complain about their location, but they weren't very good. Oasis looked like little stick people.

Third, the arena was half empty. The rows around us were almost completely empty. It's hard to get energized surrounded by no one watching stick people make muffled sounds.

Here is how my night went:

Earlier in the day, at my work, Ryan Adams performed. Seeing this, I wasn't too eager to see him at the official show. What a tool.

At the actual show, however, he sounded good (for as well as anyone can sound at the Target Center). He's a fine musician and has surrounded himself with fine musicians (The Cardinals). But, his songs are all kind of the same. One blended into the next and it didn't help that he didn't address the crowd whatsoever. Just played one song and the next and the next with barely a break in between.
We were so far away that when Oasis started, all I could focus on was the crazy screens going on behind the stick figures on stage. It was like watching a really long music video.

In the end, Oasis played a lot of great songs that I love, though I couldn't understand half of them because it sounded like I was listening to them from the otherside of a wall. And I spent $100 (beer was $7.50, parking was $14 - it adds up).

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