Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drunken Ramblings Part 1

I think I might be a good songwriter.

I'm listening to one of many of my home recordings and...a bit narcissistically, I enjoy them. I'm nowhere near a professional level, but I have some gems in there. I wish I new how to upload them to Myspace or something just to get some sort of unbiased reaction.

The problem is, I'm a lazy recording artist. Yes, all I have is GarageBand. All of my drums are recorded one drum part at a time. It makes it very hard for a non drummer as myself to keep the beat and continuity of the drums. I have no idea how to play the drums. None. So, I just throw things together. Most of the time they come out pretty terrible, but sometimes they work.

I also am not an editor. So mistakes are all over my recordings. A bit off beat...oh well. Off key...oh well. Forgot the chord that one time...oh well. Maybe it could be my thing.

Either way, I would love a complete stranger's non-watered down review. Of course, everyone I know looooooveeees them all. I want to know what someone different thinks.

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