Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update

I had such a nice weekend.

My husband told me he wanted a new iPod for Christmas. I told him I wanted Rock Band. So on Friday night we went and bought each other our gifts. Then came home and played Rock Band all night. That game is so much fun and so addicting. All I see when I close my eyes are the colorful flowing music squares. So much fun.

Saturday night we went to see Dan Wilson courtesy of my job. We had great seats. I like Dan Wilson, the actual guy, I've always found him very pleasant. I loved the one big Semisonic album. His solo stuff I've been indifferent to. I've never bought any of it, but I didn't hate it either.

We went into the show expecting a nice pleasant folky sort of sit down show. Very grown up. We left yelling how much Dan Wilson rules. It was fantastic. What a performer. He did two sets. One solo acoustic, the second with the full band. He joked that he was opening for himself. He did a great cover of "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" by Bob Dylan. He told great stories. He made group sing alongs with the audience. It was such a suprise. As we left, my husband and I both said we had no idea we would be sitting there with a smile on our face the entire evening. Totally loved him.

I did nothing on Sunday. And it was great. I never got out of my pajamas. I played a little Rock Band, watched a couple of movies, took a nap. A great Sunday.

One of the movies I watched was I Am Legend. It was on HBO. I can't decide if I liked it or not, but it hasn't left my mind since it ended. I think it's mostly because....SPOILER WARNING........

the dog died. I was devestated, though I saw it coming. I hate when companion animals die in movies. And the way he goes is heartbreaking.

Will Smith was fantastic in this movie. Who knew he could really really act? The movie was a lot spookier than I thought it would be. The ending sort of copped out and could have been so much better. I hear it's not true to the book. I might have to pick the book up.


So, though it was not an exciting weekend, it was a nice one.

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