Friday, September 7, 2012

Turf Club Part 2

It was Turf Club time last night again. We shared the bill with Actual Wolf, Silverback Colony, and Fairfax, AK. Things are really coming together with the way we play together as a band. We've certainly got these 8 songs down. Well, they do. I still completely lost it at one point when I couldn't remember what key one of the songs was in and then started another song way too slow and had to stop everyone and start it over. I AM A PROFESSIONAL. You never know what is going to happen when you take the stage.

I remember watching people perform back when I was just getting up the courage to take the stage myself and then shortly after when it was all so new and wondering how they got through those moments on stage when they played the wrong note or a mic cut out or something fell over or just whatever many, many other things that can go wrong when you're up there. I've been through most of them now and, well, it just seems to get easier. I'm still here, right?

Setlist for the Turf Club Sept. 6, 2012
- The Woods
- Flavor
- Float
- Ramble Song
- Here
- Salt
- Beg, Borrow, or Steal
- Adore

Here's a couple of videos from last night my husband took:

In other new, I've got quite a stack of new songs building and I'm eager to turn them into fully formed beings that can be played in front of people. I've got a couple of solo shows coming up this week (both at Acadia). Might be a good time to road test a couple of them.

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