Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving Sale Full Of Memories

So we're moving. Soon. And since we're downsizing, we had to have a moving sale. I've never had one before. It was weird. And exhausting. And strangely filthy. I was so covered in grime when it was over...I have no idea where that came from.

It was also sad. Here's all this stuff that we've acquired through the years...not just our years together, but throughout our it is sitting outside with random strangers pawing through it all trying to haggle the price down from $1 to 50 cents and sure, most of would be considered junk. But it's our junk. It's meaningless to all of these people, but I could think of something to say about 99% of the stuff  we sold.

But even so, there's no reason to hang on to it anymore. So off it went. We sold most of it and got rid of all the big furniture we no longer wanted and did not want to have to lug to the new place. One less thing to stress over.

One of those pieces of furniture was Murray's favorite chair. Long before he died, we had moved the chair out of the den and into the basement - it had just become a little too over-dogged to be in an area other people might see it or accidentally sit in it. But I always felt bad. He loved that chair. It was really hard to see it go.

I miss his little feet. 

Moving on...

My forearms are killing me from moving furniture back and forth for two days and I'm sunburned from sitting outside for two days in probably the most beautiful weather we've had all summer. Even the top of my head is burned. Not sure how that happened. Hopefully I don't have a bald spot I'm unaware of.

It's amazing what people will buy or take because it's cheap or free. You tell someone something is 25 cents and they will take it home with them like they've just gotten away with some big steal when really it's just an old suitcase that has been buried in the basement for 7 years with a broken zipper. But it's 25 cents so hey, a bargain. Congratulations and thank you for taking it off our hands.

We still have bags of junk that was unsellable that we need to get rid of. 7 years in one place is the longest I've ever spent and so much has been acquired and stored.

And though there were things at the sale that I was happy to see go, there was so much that I was so happy made it through and that we get to hang on to. Things are just things, yes. But sometimes it's nice to hang onto those these:

Spice Girls Barbie Dolls. Ginger Spice had quit the group when I bought these so I didn't buy her out of protest. 

I'm really rambling on as it's 9:49 on a Sunday night and I probably shouldn't try to write a blog this late on a Sunday. It's too hard to focus. I'm tired from a busy weekend and should really be in bed.

So that's what I will be doing now.

See? Not quite sure how to end this post.

I could just keep going with these little sentences.

But I am really tired.

Bed sounds good.

Off I go.

Here's to a good week ahead. And to Murray's chair.

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