Sunday, September 9, 2012

Acadia Cafe Part 1

OMG. Worst. Performance. Ever. For real. I thought I was over sucking that bad. I honestly don't know what was wrong with me. I mean, I have off nights and off songs in sets, but everything I did last night was just...wrong.

Luckily, it was at midnight and the venue wasn't very full at that point. But still...I certainly didn't win over any new fans last night.

It's really too bad, too, because my friends and favorites, The Broken Bicycles, played as well and had a great set and I got to join them on stage to sing "You Are My Sunshine" and it would have been nice to get up there after them and do just as well.

I mean, holy shit, look at this setlist. This is what I remember playing. There may have been more and the order might be off. I had a setlist, but for whatever stupid reason, I opted to ignore it and just play whatever. Bad idea. To deviate from the setlist a little bit here and there - maybe switch out a song or two depending on the vibe of the audience - is one thing. But I just completely abandoned it and then felt completely lost. Lesson learned.

Setlist for Acadia on 9/6/12
  • In the Company of Elvis
  • Minnesota
  • Can't Even Tell
  • The Paul Simon Song
  • Float
  • I Remember You (Yep. Pulled out a Skid Row cover. WTF was I thinking?)
  • Adore
  • Oh, Sun (first time played!)
  • Lens 
  • Cast a Spell
  • Old-Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell cover)

I get to try to make amends at Acadia again this Tuesday, Sept. 11th. I will follow the setlist this time.

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