Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tonight: Ani Difranco at First Avenue: Take 2

Life is so circular. It was this exact day last year, the day after we put Murray down, that my husband and I went to see Ani Difranco at Pantages Theater. It was exactly what I needed at the time. I quiet folk show full of overly sensitive songs that I could sit in the dark and cry to.

Tonight, Ani is back again. But this time she is at First Avenue. She played there a couple of years ago and it just isn't the venue for her - or really for her fans. I love First Avenue. By far one of my favorite places in general. But Ani's fans can be such assholes and they really let themselves shine in that environment. Easy access to booze, no assigned seats, it just really brings out this crazy aggressive, bitchy behavior in this particular group of people - which is so strange considering the type of music that's being played while people act this way.

The last time she played there, I ended up leaving early because people were such dicks, I couldn't have a good time.

So I almost didn't go this time.

But then I heard that she is pregnant again and she has some new songs to debut and I thought, well, I have to hear the new songs and if she's going to have a second kid - her already slowed down schedule is going to get even slower and what if she doesn't come back for years? So I broke down and bought a ticket on Monday.

Fingers crossed that people aren't dicks. I'm going alone, as well. So I plan on getting up front and staying there. I'm interested in seeing the opening band, Pearl and the Beard, too,  so that should work out well.

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