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Lost, The Final Season, Episode 13, "The Candidate"

If there's one thing this show does well, it's breaks your heart. Holy crap it has been 3 days since this episode aired and I still get the shivers thinking about it. I don't even know what to say about it. Lost is ending and they are closing loops and some of those closing loops consist of characters whose story is, well, done. And then, so are they.

So on Tuesday, we said goodbye to four, yes FOUR, of our beloved characters. Our friendly "chesty" Pilot, our wounded soldier Sayid, and most heartbreakingly so, everyone's favorite couple: The Kwons.

Why does the death of Jin and Sun hurt so much more than Sayid? Is it because Sayid died once already this season? Most likely. His (second) death happened in such a flurry that I'm still not quite sure it happened, though I know it did.

But Jin and Sun, we had to watch that one. It was slow. It was unexpected. It was brutal. Drowning together. Drowning must be one of the worst ways to go and to think Jin chose to go that way to stay with his wife, is, well, too much to think about. Of course, the fact that they have a daughter off Island that he could have raised makes it seem a bit selfish. But maybe, deep down, they both knew they were never getting off The Island and decided to accept their fate at their choosing. Or, at least Jin's choosing. Sun was kind of stuck there. Literally.

But I'm getting too sappy. But it was a sappy episode. Lots and lots of tears. By everyone.

Off Island

Locke wakes up in the hospital to a smiling Jack. Jack had just saved his life after he had been run down by Desmond. They talk about how they were on the same flight and their conversation at the airport. Jack wants to know how Locke became paralyzed in the first place because Jack knows he can fix him. But Locke doesn't want to be fixed.

Our New! and Improved! Jack who wants all the answers anyone can give him decides he's going to find out why Locke doesn't want to be fixed. So he goes to see his dentist. Because why not start there? Surprise!
Surprise! It's Dr. Bernard, DDS. Yep. Locke's dentist is our beloved Bernard. After a brief conversation, they both discover that they, too, were on that same Oceanic Flight 815. Jack seems to be getting a little creeped out by this. Understandably so. Imagine running into several random people in really odd ways that you shared a really random flight with. It's kind of strange, right?

Jack asks Bernard if he knows how Locke was paralyzed, but Bernard can't tell him due to patient confidentiality. But he does give him the name of the person that was in the accident with him: Anthony Cooper, Locke's dear old dad. I wonder how much my dentist knows about me? Probably more than I would like.

Jack finds Anthony Cooper is in a nursing home. Guess this life didn't work out quite as well for Mr. Cooper.
Locke's fiance, Peg Bundy, is there. She asks Jack to leave them alone. We get to meet Anthony Cooper. He's a complete vegetable. Jack finally gets it. Yep. Sideways World is not a good place for Anthony Cooper.

Jack returns to the hospital to check on Locke. Locke is sleeping and mumbling something about "push the button" and "I wish you would have believed me". Hmmmm...sounds like someone is dreaming about The Island. But then Claire shows up and asks to talk to Jack. Their dad had left her a music box and she doesn't
know why. He sits down next to her to check it out. They open it up and there is a mirror that they both look into and I'm left to wonder: What if the Shephard listed on the cave walls is not Jack or his dad, but Claire? Technically she is a Shephard, she just doesn't share the name. Is that too much of a stretch? She's obviously somewhat important. She should be long dead by now and she is so tied to Smokey and he seems to have a good grip on her. Most likely this is not the case. But just a thought.

Jack tells her that their dad drank himself to death in an alley. Not the greatest guy. It's also interesting to note that in both worlds, his coffin goes missing. Why is that? Jack does eventually find it on The Island, but Christian's body isn't there. Will that happen when the coffin inevitably shows up in this world?

Jack offers to let Claire stay at his house. Blah blah blah.

Locke is discharged and Jack meets him in the hallway. He tells him he went to see his dad. This, obviously, irritates Locke, but he tells him what happened. Locke got his pilot license. He was going to take his first flight and asked his dad to join him. His dad is terrified of flying, but agreed to go along. They barely got off the ground before it all went wrong. Now his dad is a vegetable and Locke is in a wheelchair and Jack finally gets it.
Of course Locke doesn't want to be fixed. In his mind, this is his punishment. (And once again I have to add that Terry O'Quinn is a fantastic actor) Jack says that Locke needs to let go and move on. Locke begins to wheel away and Jack tells him one more time that he can fix him and "I wish you'd believe me". This gives Locke pause, but he continues on.

It also makes me think that maybe Jack HAS to fix Locke, in more ways than one. Maybe he has to fix him in the Sideways World to make everything right again. Maybe if he fixes Sideway's Locke, it will knock Locke's "soul" from Smokey and make Smokey worthless.

And, on a completely other note, isn't it crazy how Smokey has become the most important thing on the show? It started out so random and then everyone assumed the writers would never explain what it is (which they still haven't - but they're getting close) and that it would just be the sort of horror aspect to the show, but look at it now and how important it is. Craziness.

Speaking of Smokey...

On The Island

Jack wakes up in one of the rafts and Sayid is just sitting there. Sayid welcomes Jack to Hydra Island. Jack wants to know why Sayid is sticking with UnLocke (again with the questions, Jack!). Sayid said because he saved his life and he also just saved Jack's. UnLocke appears and says he needs Jack's help to get the rest of his gang to trust him. Jack asks, once again, why he should trust him. UnLocke reiterates Sayid's point that he has done nothing but save everyone. Of course, he also throws in the point that he could kill Jack right then and there and Jack could do nothing to stop it. Point taken.

Further in on Hydra Island, Widmore's folks are putting up the Pylon fence again and they have the rest of our Losties captured (Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, and The Pilot). They lead them at gunpoint to the cages. The same cages Kate and Sawyer were locked in back in season 3 (?). Sawyer refuses to go back in and grabs the gun from one of the goons. Widmore shows up and points a gun at Kate and says he will shoot her if Sawyer doesn't cooperate. He tells them all he has a list of names and Kate's not on it so he doesn't need her. Sawyer drops his gun and they all enter the cage. Widmore tells them this is for their own good because "he's coming".

And I might get Widmore's mission now. I think Widmore always felt he was supposed to be the Richard or the Ben to Jacob, but he never got the chance. Now all he knows is that there is a list of people that Jacob has deemed Candidates to replace him and Charles needs to protect them all so he can get the eternal life that Richard received from whichever one of these Losties is the Ultimate Candidate. So, yes, he is trying to save them, but for his own selfish purpose.

While caged, Jin and Sun share a nice little moment talking about their daughter and Sun gives him back his wedding ring. And then... comes Smokey. It's always so cool when Smokey shows up. The effects and the noises. And then he starts killing everyone. The goons start shooting at him because that's what you do. Any video game you've ever played, whenever you encounter a new boss, you shoot at it first to see what kind of damage it will do. Of course, on Smokey, it does nothing. He's smoke. He smashes the guard with the cage key right by the cage. Kate tries to get the key but then Jack shows up and lets them all out. He tells Kate that he's with Smokey now. Do you think Jack got to see UnLocke morph into Smokey? That would be cool to witness.

They head into the jungle and run into Sayid. They decide to get to the plane so they can get off this crazy Island. Except for Jack. He'll help them get to the plane, but he's staying.

Oh my goodness this is a long recap.

Of course, UnLocke gets to the plane first and scopes it out. First he kills to the two guard goons and then he heads into the plane where he discovers a bomb...or does he? Outside, the gang has just shown up. UnLocke shows them the bomb he pulled from the plane and says Widmore set them up and they can't trust the plane anymore. They'll have to take the sub. Back on the road, kids.

Sawyer thank UnLocke for saving them again, but then secretly tells Jack that he doesn't trust him. He asks Jack for a favor. If he's going to stay behind anyway, please help them keep Smokey off the sub so they can get away. Jack agrees.

They get to the sub and one by one make their way to it, watching for goons the whole way. Jack and UnLocke are the last ones to get to the pier. But then Widmore's folks show up and start shooting. In the chaos, Jack pushes UnLocke in the water! and everyone runs to the sub and then it happens. Kate. Gets. Shot. Right in the chest. There's no way she can survive this, right? Right? (I can't believe I can't find a picture of this moment)

Jack carries her to the sub. Claire is still left on the pier shooting randomly and then out of the water climbs
UnLocke like Jecht in Final Fantasy X at the very end. It's all sorts of awesome. He starts shooting at everyone. Sawyer pops out of the sub to check on Claire, but he sees UnLocke heading for him and closes the hatch and tells the captain (who is being held at gunpoint by The Pilot) to dive. Outside of the sub, Claire starts freaking out because everyone left her again. But UnLocke tells her she doesn't want to be on that sub.

On the sub, Jack is tending to Kate. He's trying to find a first aid kit and asks Hurley to get the one out of his backpack. Unfortunately for Kate, there's no first aid kit. But, there is a bomb. And it's set to explode in less than 4 minutes. Sayid and Sawyer want to disarm it, but Jack realizes that UnLocke has set them up. It's been one long con. They all did exactly what he wanted. He needs them all to be dead All of the candidates, so that he can leave The Island. But the rules state that he can't kill them, so he needs for them to kill each other. So he got them all in one confined space and placed a bomb in there. If one of them tries to disarm it, it will go off and kill them all. He believes that if they leave it alone, nothing will happen. But
Sawyer ain't buyin' it. He pulls the plug on the bomb and at first it stops. But then it starts to count down even faster. Sayid picks it up (odd how Sayid is suddenly back to normal). He tells Jack that Desmond is in a well and that UnLocke wants him dead, so he must be useful (yay! Sayid didn't kill him!). He then tells Jack that Jack's "the one" and runs off with the bomb! He heads to the opposite end of the ship just in time for it to explode. And there goes Sayid. See you in another life, brother.

Since this is a sub and it's under water, it starts to fill with water. The Pilot leaves the captain to see what happened and a door flies open and flattens him. Dead. Oh, Pilot, we hardly knew ya. That's 2 down.

Water is filling up in the sub quickly. In the chaos, Sun has become stuck behind some cabinet. Jack hands our bleeding Kate off to Hurley and tells him to get out quickly. The rest of the boys try to move the cabinet. They manage to get it away but in the chaos, Sawyer is hit in the head and knocked out. And Sun is not quite free.
She is all intertwined in some railing. How did she get into this mess so quickly? Now Jack can't help because he has to hold on to Sawyer, so it is up to Jin. He is trying to free her but reality sets in. He tells Jack to go and save himself and Sawyer. Jack resists at first, but then leaves as the water starts to reach their shoulders.

Jin is left trying to free Sun, but she knows it is useless. She begs him to leave, but he tells her he will never leave her again. And he knows it is useless, too. And it's all just too much. It not like they even were just killed off, they were brutally killed off. Drowned. Together. At this point I am sobbing uncontrollably. Remember just last episode I said I didn't care about these two anymore. Yeah. I was wrong. Dammit. This sucks.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley all wash up on the beach. Oh, hey, Kate's still alive. Nevermind the bullet to the chest, the sub sinking, and the almost drowning. She's still going strong. Well, not strong. She asks about Sun and Jin. And then she starts to sob and then they all start to sob. And it's all very very sad. Think of all the people who originally crashed on The Island. This is all that's left. Sure, Claire is still technically around, but she's not really quite there anymore. We're just down to 4. And I know I just said in my last Lost post that if they all lived happily ever after, that would be lame. But I've changed my mind. I want them all to be happy.

Back on the pier, UnLocke senses what happened. He tells Claire that the sub sank but some made it out and now he has to "finish what I started".

The End.

Next week it looks like we get the history on Smokey and Jacob. And that should be cool. But, I think it's also time we check in on Richard, Ben, and Miles. I still want my cool Ben moment. And wasn't it Richard who was off to the plane to put the bombs on it? So were those his bombs or Widmore's? What are they up to? I miss them.

And I miss Sun and Jin. And Sayid. And even The Pilot.


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