Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't Go Changin'

I like Billy Joel. This is a statement made by many many women my age. I'm pretty sure I received Billy Joel's greatest hits in the mail when I moved into my first apartment. Every girl owns it and has put it in for many drunken sing alongs with her friends. But, I don't love Billy Joel. In fact, I get bored with him rather quickly. But there are three songs of his that I will always listen to, and they might surprise you. They are:

"She's Got Away"
"She's Always A Woman To Me"
"Just the Way You Are"

Yep. My 3 favorite songs of his are 3 somewhat trite odes to Christie Brinkley. Okay, I don't know if that's who he wrote them for, but I'm sure at some point in the mid-80s, he sang them to her.

I don't know why I like these songs so much. They are incredibly cheesy. Filled with sax solos. Lyrics that are kind of sexist and condescending. But, I don't know. They kind of warm my heart. I think they are also his best vocal performances. Sure, he sounds exactly like Paul McCartney, but he sounds nice.

The best of the bunch is "She's Got A Way". It's one of those songs that stops me in my tracks. I just kind of smile and feel all girly.

Go give them a listen.

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