Thursday, May 27, 2010

AI Season 9

Another season of American Idol is over. It was brutal. BRUTAL. There was only one good contestant the entire season, and she came in second.

The American Idol confetti shower was given to Lee DeWyze this year.

He seems nice enough. But it's not a competition about who's the nicest. If this were any other season, and I'm including the beginning of this downward spiral that started last season, he would have been maybe an 8th place finisher. Because, let's face it, the guy can't sing. He barely sang on key the entire season. He can growl and yell through a song - and sometimes that works. But he can't actually sing.

I'm not someone who listens to music for pretty vocals. I will take emotion and grit over an angelic falsetto any day. But, American Idol is a singing competition. And Lee can't sing.

In all honesty, though, it seems fitting that the wrong contestant won. It was an abysmal season. Each contestant was a dud. No one showed any star power, much less captivating vocal talent. The only who came close was Ms. Crystal Bowersox. But, I'm not going to pick up the Melissa Ethridige 2.0 album we are due to get.

Couple all of those vocal atrocities with the obvious amount of disinterest held by top judge Simon Cowell and how could anyone watch this shit anymore? Oh, yeah. I did. But I have no will power. I get sucked into things easily. But once they got down to the final three, I stopped. I checked out the finale last night on and off, but I hadn't watched an episode in about 3 weeks.

And what a finale. Lee's win makes it obvious that tween girls are the main watchers and voters of this program. So why fill the night with aging adult contemporary artists like the Bee Gees, and Hall and Oates, and Joe Cocker, and Chicago. Chicago! What is wrong with this show?

Thankfully, this season was so utterly dull that I know I will never watch it again. In fact, with Lost over, I am going to try to cut out as much TV as I can. The only shows that I watch now are Project Runway, How I Met Your Mother, Community, and Modern Family. That's manageable.

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