Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post Show Glow

Saw David Cook tonight. He puts on a fantastic show. He is a lot more than "Season 7 American Idol Winner". Really, if you haven't checked him out, you should.

I did something crazy, though. I made a mix cd of my music and gave it to him during the show. In return, I received a guitar pic and a one on one interaction. I put my email address on the cover. I'm not expecting anything, really. Honestly, he probably tossed it or left it backstage. But, I'm all about seizing the moment right now. I've found by just saying "fuck all" and going for it, things have been working out for me. So, I did. Here's to hoping.

Also, here are some pics from the night. I bought a new camera this week and it's not much different from the old camera. Some turned out pretty well. At one point he was standing literally right in front of me (I touched his shoe) but I had the zoom on, so all I got was this:

But here are a couple more that turned out a bit better:

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